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Guest Article- How to Convert Image to Text on Your iPhone

Nowadays mobile phones aren’t just ordinary means of communication, but they represent


much more. Apart from this main role that allows you to constantly stay in contact with

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your family, friends or coworkers, smartphones have become real small computers that

enable you to get your work done from anywhere. With a smartphone in your pocket, you

don’t need to have a camera. It will help you immediately capture all your precious


Not only do mobile cameras serve for taking photos of people, places, or food, but they are

also an excellent way to quickly take notes and avoid tedious writing. It’s perfect for

capturing data from whiteboards, copying study notes, preserving contact information and

much more. This would be an efficient way to take notes if there’s no need to extract some

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information or use it further. In case you need to extract a phone number, an address from

your images or just to make small adjustments for further reuse, then you need to convert

your images into an editable file format.

Luckily, there is an app that can give you a hand with this issue. Image to Text app

converts successfully your image into editable text file right on your iPhone or iPad,

allowing you to extract all necessary information. This productivity app will spare you from

squandering your time and effort on rewriting texts, receipts, invoices, notes, lists and

other documents. Apart from this, Image to Text has many other helpful features:

1. First-rate recognition and conversion quality

2. Unlimited number of converted files

3. Screenshots can be converted, too

4. Easily share converted documents or open them in another app

5. You can copy text or part of it and paste it somewhere else

All these functionalities are wrapped in a simple design, adapted to each type of users. In

other words, it is very easy-to- use app. Therefore, let’s see how to convert image to text

on your iPhone:

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Hit the App Store and download Image to Text


Launch the app and choose an image you’d like to convert. It can be any photo from your

phone or you can take a new one.


Once the picture is selected, it will appear among converted files. Files are sent to the

servers where they are being converted by powerful OCR technology, so your phone

battery won’t be drained by conversion. Once the file is converted, the result is being

downloaded back to the app, and the files are deleted from our servers right away.

In a nutshell, this is a fantastic way to improve the functionality of your iPhone when it

comes to note-taking. Image to Text is a great tool for getting the most out of your notes

and manage them without a hitch. Download it and see for yourself!

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