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Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About How To Improve Android Battery Life

The Secret Guide To How To Improve Android Battery Life 

The Truth About How To Improve Android Battery Life In 3 Little Words

Since the beginning, smartphones battery life has always been a problem, you aren’t even able to reach 7 pm with some juice in it.

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During the time, we saw smartphones with tons of mAh in their batteries, an attempt to improve the situation.

If I was an OEM director, I would care about software optimization than increasing battery capacity, it is not needed a degree to get that energy consuption depends mostly on system optimization… but market goes in this way, you know.

Anyway, for example my LG G3 running marshmallow doesn’t go over 4 hours of SOT (screen on time) and sometimes if I do not have my power bank with me, problems arise.

Is it possible that still today our smartphone’s battery life is so weak? the answer is a sad YES, and companies aren’t doing much to improve the condition.

In this post, I am going to show show some ways to improve your Android smarphone battery life, I’ll include both ROOT and ROOTLESS methods and I’ll show you some miths that someone of us has surely tried at least once!


Disable auto sync stuff 
If you need this option enabled to get push gmail notification, leave it, but you can uncheck items that uselessly waste your battery. This is really important.


LCD, your screen, waste most of the juice, in particuar if you have a screen with an higher resolution than fullHD consuptions grow up, and you have to be careful about it. Enable auto-brghtness or even better, change it manually according to the place you are in. Trust me it is just a matter of get used to do it and if you succeed, you’ll see improvements.

How To Improve Android Battery Life? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Radio and data

Well, that’s an interesting part.
Nowadays we have 4G internet connection, yes that’s amazing, but not for our battery.
If you aren’t using internet, don’t stay with it, change to 3g or an even better 2g connection, you’ll save a lot of juice and at the same time you’ll have all the radio functionalities!

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Airplane mode… this unknown!

You can even enable it when you’re not on a plane, you know that?
When you are in a place with signal losses, don’t think twice and enable the Airplane mode, 100% battery preserved!
Don’t forget that with it enabled, you can also keep your wifi on!


All the methods I’m going to show you over here, works only if you have a rooted phone!

Frooze bloat apps

Do you want to get the maximum from your battery?
Install BBS (BetterBatteryStats), check which apps or services are draining it and with Link2SD freeze those apps, if it’s safe of course!

What Everyone Ought To Know About How To Improve Android Battery Life


This mysterious files, contains a lot of system configurations, on the net you can find a lot of stupid guides about tons of invented tweaks that do not exist in system code, but that people share just to get attention.

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A tweak that really works, that exists in Android code too, is one about wifi scanning interval.
Using a file explorer, open the file “/system/build.prop” and add this line at the end of the file:


If you set this, you’ll say to your mobile to scan for wifi every 1,5 secs.. set whether value you want.
Of course, set 777 permission to the file and reboot after tweaking!


CPU is the main source of energy wasting, of course.

You can use apps like CPU No Frills Control, to tweak its minimum, maximum frequencies and its governor too! But be careful that, less frequency doesn’t mean more saving! 

You have to remeber that if you execute a command in 1 sec at 2gHz, if you down clock to 1gHz, you’ll do that operation in 2 secs! This is not always true, but keep this in mind before tweaking! Less is not always better.



Since the beginning, this has been one of the most greatest fakes in the history.

Calibration is just a process that tells system to check the battery level and to retrive information. Nothing more, no magic with it.

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I hope that this guide has been useful to you, and I hope that companies will improve battery life in their future smartphones too!

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