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Facebook Introduces ‘Disputed Tag’ To Combat Fake News Stories

Facebook has rolled out disputed tag, a new tool for fighting fake news stories on Facebook. This feature will allow you to identify false stories on your news feed before you even read them. So, fundamentally, if you see a Facebook post with a tag that says, Disputed by Snopes.com and/or Politifact, the news is fake.

platform but recently, a lot of fake news has been published and shared by people to deceive others. Thanks to this new feature. At least it will make Facebook more trustworthy and more interesting.

Facebook users like I and you can now flag suspicious stories as “fake news”. When you flag a story as being fake, Facebook will then pass the disputed story to a third-party fact-checking organizations. If the fact-checkers agree that the story is misleading, it will appear on the News Feed with a Disputed tag. To make it more interesting, the story will come with a link to a corresponding article that explains why it is false. However, if you attempt to share any post flagged as fake, you will receive a warning before you share them.

Honestly this feature is an impressive addition to Facebook that will go a long way to reducing the spread of fake news online and on Facebook in particular. To cap it all, Facebook is taking a list of website domains that post fake news so in future, whenever these sites post anything to Facebook, they get flagged immediately. Hence, they won’t be able to benefit from their intention of using Facebook wrongly to get traffic to their sites.

Meanwhile, this feature is currently available only to few users but will surely get to all users very soon.

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