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Expand Your Business Get your Site Rank with these 3 Phases – Applygist.com

Looking For Best Direction to Take in Getting Your website on Front page on Google Search 2017, We can Help you Out- Read these Stages Needed 

 We could certainly assist you to remold and promote your website on a digital platform to compete with your so called competitors. We will be taking the entire responsibility of your website starting from Error fixation, keyword ranking, back link submission, Social media Promotion.

Let me make you very clear about the plan of action we are going to implement in your website to achieve desired goal:

We divide the SEM campaign to 3 phases :
Phase-1 is to make your website search engine friendly by clearing out all Technical error present on it. It covers all Technical SEO factors (html errors, css errors, robots error, sitemap error, alt tags, image alt tags, canonical error, anchor text, mirror pages, landing page URL and many more)

Phase-2 is to make your website page content relevant with the website objective and making it easy for search engines as well as users or visitors coming on the website during which we cover all (On-Page factors) which includes meta tags, title, description, keyword analysis and implementation as per search engine guidelines and competition. This is a very crucial phase because it involves lots of analysis and evaluation to make sure we choose the right keyword and right method to do analysis and then implementation.
Phase-3 is to bring traffic and back link to the website (Off-Page campaign). In this phase we covers all major back link analysis, content submission, blogs and Social Media. Phase-2 normally helps us in ranking improvement where Phase-3 helps us for traffic as well as boosting ranking of the website.

You’ll have the complete flexibility throughout the campaign. There are no contracts/locking period. Hence, you observe our activities for the first month and take your decision accordingly. 

We guarantee to start showing you improvement in your keyword ranking from the first month onwards and from the third month you can start seeing some realistic results which will eventually increase month by month. All work will be done manually and organically so that you can get better and quicker results. You will be getting monthly report so that you will in the loop through out the campaign. 

The differences in our service is we are just going to ranked your website on Goggle first page and run away without providing you an adequate return on your investment instead we can help you to implement various other marketing strategies where we can popularize your products thereby increasing the potential sales.
The only thing expected from you is a little patience and trust factor which shall encourage us to execute the task enthusiastically and provide you adequate result. 

Kindly provide us an opportunity so that we can entertain you by our services with all kinds of flexibility and deliver robust results indeed.

If Interested, Contact me on drpeterfelixs@gmail.com  Whatsapp Me +2348169561788 

We would Link you to Our Professional Partners to handle your Website – 

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