Checkout Donald Trump’s Gold Plated iPhone – Checkout Price and Design

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After Russian President VladimirPutin got his Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin Edition Made Of Pure Gold And Titanium, The United States President, Dolnald Trump got challenge and ordered for his own customized phone in the form of an iPhone.
The Donald Trump iPhone comes with a special design, totally different from other iPhones in terms of design. Like the caption explains the device comes encrusted with diamonds. The device is a gold-plated phone which a photo of Donald Trump at the back of this device.

Meanwhile, this device is available in stores and was first purchased by a woman and presented to Donald trump after his inauguration.
As for the price it cost $151,000  which is about N46,000,000 at current exchange rate. Mehn that price ain’t funny though.
So lets know what you thing about this by shooting your comments below.

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