Attention: Little Known Facts About Next Leap Forward In Smart Phones Secrets Revealed

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smarter phones Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Next Leap Forward In Smart Phones? 

Well, I have to admit that smart phones are quite amazing devices (eventhough I don’t own one). As an invention that has roughly started 10 years ago, we can expect that we will be “stuck” with the smart phone for quite a while until someting completely new comes to the table. smarter phones

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But what can be done?

We can make improvements in the field of durability and power supply. Creating smart phones that can charge themselves using solar panels or whatever other technology available in the future. smarter phones

Or we can make improvement in the field of usability. Flexible, super thin screens you can take with you as a piece of paper for example.

But let’s be honest here. These are improvements, not leaps forward.

smarter phones So what do I think will be the next leap forward in smart phones?

Since the start of computer technology, the real and virtual always have been devided. You were busy in one or the other. smarter phones And I believe the next leap forward will break this boundry and combine the virtual world with the real one.

You heard that right. Augmented Reality.

Various attempts have been made over the last few years. One well known for example is a VR (Virtual Reality) glasses. smarter phones In my opinion VR is cool for video games and such, but it simply isn’t practical to use in public.

The closest device to establish AR is the Microsoft Hololens. It is capable of projecting virtual objects and menu’s in the real world.

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Sadly enough the Microsoft Hololens is very limited and didn’t live up to it’s potential. smarter phones I think AR has tons of potential for business, economics, creation, creativity and many other things. AR will blend the amazing world of technology with our everyday activities.

That’s our next leap forward. smarter phones

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