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The LG G6 is the first non google phone to feature google Ai assistant

The LG G6 Is The First Non Google Phone To Feature Google AI Assistant

After a not so successful experience with the half baked modular LG G5. LG today launched the 6th smartphone in it’s G series. This smartphone was designed to complement for all the design errors and hardware short comings found on it’s predecessor the LG G5.

Following the challanges LG faced with the LG G5 one would expect LG to pause it’s modular phone project a little bit and that’s exactly what LG is doing. The LG G6 is not in anyway modular.
LG G6 was built with a hybrid design which consists of glass and aluminium.  A gorrila glass 5  covering was featured on the back  of this device and on the front there is a gorrila glass 3 . on the frames you will find an alumimum covering laced with visible antenna bands.

This device spots a 5.7 inch quad HD IPS touch screen with an aspect ratio of 2:1 which explains why it’s display takes about 80% of the front view.
Its display features round edges which blends into the round corners on the phone itself.
LG said the purpose of the round corners and round  display edges  is to make it’s screen less prone to crack when the phone falls with it’s corners. When the phone falls with its corners the stress of the fall is evenly distributed owing to the fact that this smartphone possesses a round edged display and curved corners.

Speaking on durability this device is the first LG smartphone to be fully water and dust proof with an IP68 rating. In other to achieve this LG had to sacrifice the removable battery feature featured on it’s predecessor.
Some of it users might find it difficult to adapt to a non removable battery that’s why LG decided to step it’s battery size a bit up with a 3,300mah battery instead of the 2,800mah battery featured on the LG G5.

On the rear of the device you will discover a very smooth design on top of a gorrila glass 5.
LG has eliminated the camera bump on the LG G5 and redefined it’s camera setup.
The camera setup on the back of this device consists of two 13mp cameras separated by it’s flash in the middle. LG continued its dual camera system with the ability to take pictures with wider viewing angles.  But instead of placing the wide view sensor on one of  the cameras, the LG G6 features this sensor on both cameras to facilitate crispy shots and eliminate washed out and low detail photo shots.
Still on the rear , below this camera setup is it’s finger print scanner. It still retains it’s circular shape and still performs the function of a finger print security as well as it’s power button.
On top frame there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro phone port placed side by side. On the bottom frame there is a speaker port, a micro phone port and a USB type-c port. Like most 2016/2017 flagships this device supports quick charge 3.0 and also supports wireless charging. Something here to note is that the  wireless charging  feature will  only be available to people in the united states.
While on the right hand side of it’s metal frame a hybrid sim tray is  located. You could either use one  micro sim and a memory card or use one micro sim and a nano sim.
This device comes in three colours; plantinum, black and white.

The over all design of the LG G6 looks similar to what we should be expecting from the samsung galaxy s8.

other hardware specifications includes a   qualcomm snapdragon 821  processor, 4GB of ram , 32GB of internal storage with up to 2TB of micro SD expansion. LG also plans on releasing a 64 GB variant of this devise which would be exclusive to a particular Asian country.
This smartphone features a dual camera setup with 13mp each of both cameras. Both cameras support LG wide angle range shots a for the front facing shooter there is an 8mp camera there.
Though this device doesn’t feature qualcomms flagship processor the 835 I still feel this device is equipped with the required hardware specifications required to make waves amongst other high end smartphones.

This device runs an updated LG user interface on top of android 7.0 Nougat. This device is the first non google phone to feature google signature AI assistant. The google AI assistant featured here will give you the ability to control smart home appliances that supports google’s AI assistant directly from your phone.

LG has manufactured a samsung galaxy s8 in disguise with a cheaper $600 budget. But the question is; can this device bring salvation to LG G series?? will it be able to fill up the holes created by the G5???

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