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Bitcoin News and Updates from Bitx. co now Luno

Updates from Bitx.co Now Luno Where you Buy Bitcoins for real and Sell for Instant Cash 


Bitcoin News and Updates from Bitx. co now Luno

It’s been a very busy and exciting few weeks here at Luno. We’ve rebranded, revamping our entire website and mobile apps. So far we have received some excellent feedback and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you.

The past month has witnessed a very volatile Bitcoin price with the price skyrocketing during the first week of January –reaching highs of around 560,000 NGN/BTC– only to peak and plunge. However, the price seems to be steadily recovering and has gained around 8% in the last week. 

Bitcoin News and Updates from Bitx. co now Luno

New Bitcoin Price Chart and Learning Portal
This was one of the most-requested features: a simple place to see how the Bitcoin price changed over time. 

We’re also excited to announce the new Luno Learning Portal, a great resource for people interested in learning the basic concepts of Bitcoin. 

Five important notes for our Nigerian customers 

    1. Naira withdrawals are not processed instantly. We process it three times per business day in Nigeria. Learn more about withdrawals here.
    2. Naira deposits must come from your own bank account. Funds from another person’s bank account will be returned after a lengthy bank delay.  
    3. We only allow one verified account per customer. If you forgot your password or can’t otherwise log into your account, contact us and don’t open a new account. 

  1. We often face unexpected bank deposit delays in Nigeria –even when you did everything right– and the funds may take a while to reflect. We are working hard at fixing these issues with the bank and hope to provide faster options to our Nigerian customers soon. 
  1. Please be careful of online investment scams and Ponzi schemes like MMM. Read our guide and learn how to identify and avoid investment scams.

Updated apps


If you haven’t done so already, get the latest version of the Luno Bitcoin Wallet, available in the App Store and on Google Play:

Bitcoin News and Updates from Bitx. co now Luno

Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store, use and learn about Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin in three easy steps:
1. Sign up and complete the easy verification process
2. Transfer money to your Luno account (bank transfer, credit card, etc)
3. Convert your local currency to Bitcoin with Luno Instant Buy

Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or an advanced user, the Luno Bitcoin Wallet is a must-have for those looking for a smart, safe and beautiful way to buy, sell, store and spend their Bitcoin.

The new Luno Wallet makes using Bitcoin easier than ever:


In 3.0.1 (2017-01-23)
• Improvements to buying Bitcoin with credit card
• View your running account balance on the transaction detail screen
• Android 6.0 App Link Support. Clicking on supported Luno links will now be handled in the app by default
• Minor UI and copy updates
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


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