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See what Samsung is doing to prevent explosion of its Devices

From sad experience last year when many Galaxy phone Exploded, Samsung

is working non stop to ensure this incidents stop , from a publication


Samsung said that it has implemented a new

eight-step testing process for its lithium ion

batteries, and that it's forming a battery

advisory board as well, comprised of

academics from Cambridge, Berkeley, and

Stanford. Note, this is for all lithium ion

batteries in Samsung products, not just Note

phablets or the anticipated Galaxy S8 phone.

Samsung's new eight-step battery safety

check includes: durability testing, visual

inspection, x-rays, charge and discharge tests,

tests of total volatile organic compounds

(TVOC), disassembling tests, accelerated

usage tests, and open circuit voltage tests.

Many of these steps, including the first three

listed above as well as open circuit voltage

tests, were conducted on earlier devices; but

Samsung says the testing is now "enhanced,"

and will be conducted with increasing

frequency. For example, it says it has raised

its internal standards for the visual inspection


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The charge and discharge tests, the TVOC

test, and the accelerated usage tests are

entirely new to the process. Charge and

discharge tests, which means testing the

batteries both while the device is charging

and while the battery is draining, were a large

part of the post-analyses conducted by

Samsung and by the third-party firms it paid

to examine its defective phones.

Samsung first announced the Galaxy Note 7,

its flagship phablet, in early August 2016, and

began shipping the phone a couple of weeks

later. Initial reviews of the device were largely

positive. But then reports of faulty batteries

began to emerge, with some of the phone

units generating excessive heat and catching

fire. Samsung first suspended sales of the

phone, then began replacing defective phones

with new units; only after some of the

replacement units began exploding did

Samsung issue a worldwide recall , on October


The press conference today was a long-

awaited dose of information and offered a

level of transparency that the company, quite

critically, hadn't offered before. Still,

Samsung's efforts to win back the trust of

consumers will likely continue to be an uphill

battle. The next Galaxy S flagship phone,

coming this spring, will be the biggest test

Samsung has faced since its ascent to the

position of world's biggest smartphone


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