Remove/Uninstall System Apps in Android Using Lucky Patcher

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Remove/Uninstall System Apps in Android Using Lucky Patcher System app remover (ROOT) How To Remove Unwanted Apps From Your Android Device How to Remove System Apps in Android Device? I know this question arised in your mind that’s why you are here today. So guy’s Now a days we see that newly purchased mobiles come with lots of inbuilt apps which are usually uninstallable.
These inbuilt apps consume a lot’s of internal storage apps. Main problem of Inbuilt Apps is that they can’t be moved to SD Card and they are unremovable too. Also these apps make device lagging and it hangs a lot while using other apps. One more setback of system apps are that they run in background too which consumes internet data too.
Here today am going to share a tweak with you by which you can easily remove the system apps from your android mobile.
For using this tweak you must have a rooted device. If you have a rooted device then you can do a lot’s of things with your mobile but here we are talking about removing system unwanted apps.
Remove/Uninstall System Apps in Android Using Lucky Patcher
So here first thing you need before using this tweak is that you must have a rooted device. To know more about root you can google about it. Once you have a rooted device then you can easily get rid of unwanted inbuilt apps.


So at first Download Lucky Patcher in your mobile.
~After successfully installing the app, Open the Lucky Patcher and it will ask you for root permissions. Simply grant the root permission to Lucky Patcher.
~Then it will show you all the apps installed in your device.
~Now select the app which you want to remove from your device and click on the option of Uninstall App
~Then a popup will appear just click on Yes button and wait for few seconds and the app will be uninstalled from your device successfully.

That’s it, Now system app will be removed from your device successfully.

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Warning: Removing some system apps may occur your device soft brick. So remove only such apps which are not necessary for running device smoothly or having some issues in it. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone.

Final Words
So finally you have got the way to Uninstall System Apps in Android Using Lucky Patcher and i hope that you liked the whole article. If still you face any issue or having any query related to removing system apps then do comment below i will be happy to help you. Keep visiting for more Tech Cracks n Tricks. 😛

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