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Glo is the network with the Cheapest Data, yet they use Violent IPs , why did i say this

Anytime i log into sites Google blacklist my glo
ip and always ask for CAPCHA verification , they warn me about
suspicious traffic from my computer, this shows Glo Nigeriia to be
doing some bad games.

This auto also wrote this about his glo experience

Sad As Glo Activate Poor Internet Service Across
The Country Once Again

It seems Glo has once again activated poor

internet service across the country.
The last time that similar and unforgettable sad
experience with Glo internet network happened
was about 4-5 months ago when Glo network
frustrated the hell out of many subscribers and
that made them earned the title “Baba Glo slow”
And once again Glo internet network has been
terrible, scrappy and wacky since late December
2016 till this very moment in 2017. If you think
that glo has not activated sluggish Internet
service just ask the next person around you
using glo data.

Glo! Why even rush to launch 4G when you have
not stabilise 3g services?

Source: NairaLand


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