Infinix- Backlash Infinix Received For Posting This(see pix)

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I saw this on Nairaland, Nice Caption, wrong image

See what Nairalanders said
1- What a portray of incompetence by infinix
Even if Leo stops playing now CR7 can never be

like him take it or leave it.
If you’re vexed you can hug a transformer cos I
give zero f*ck.


Infinix wanted to give advice but end up spoiling

3- No just a point. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY
problem is that the victim has a legion of hateful
fans ready to destroy the Infinix brand just for
telling the truth. I mean, even Pele and

Maradona ( who have been known to be with
Messi in the past) have attested to the fact that
What Ronaldo achieved in 2016 has not been
achieved by any other player. When have you
seen a player win Champions league, Euro and Club World Cup in a single year. Not to talk of
Ballon D’or, the TOTY award, Golden boot and
other numerous awards Ronaldo has won. He is
also the first football player to become Male
Sportsperson of the Year. Come on people!

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