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IBM News- BM Makes Quantum Computer Available On IBM Cloud:

The world’s first quantum computing platform delivered via the IBM Cloud at IBM’s T. J.

Good move in the Tech Environment-

Watson Research Center in Yorktown, NY. On
Wednesday, May 4, for the first time ever, IBM is
making quantum computing available via the
cloud to anyone interested in hands-on access to
an IBM quantum processor, making it easier for
researchers and the scientific community to
accelerate innovations, and help discover new
applications for this technology. This is the
beginning of the quantum age of computing and
the latest advance from IBM towards building a

universal quantum computer. A universal
quantum computer, once built, will represent one
of the greatest milestones in the history of
information technology and has the potential to
solve certain problems we couldn’t solve, and
will never be able to solve, with today’s classical
The quantum processor is composed of five
superconducting qubits and is housed at the IBM
T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. The
five-qubit processor represents the latest
advancement in IBM’s quantum architecture that
can scale to larger quantum systems. It is the
leading approach towards building a universal
quantum computer.
A universal quantum computer does not exist
today, but IBM envisions medium-sized quantum
processors of 50-100 qubits to be possible in the
next decade. With a quantum computer built of
just 50 qubits, none of today’s TOP500
supercomputers could successfully emulate it,
reflecting the tremendous potential of this
The community of quantum computer scientists
and theorists is working to harness this power,
and applications in optimization and chemistry
will likely be the first to demonstrate quantum
With Moore’s Law running out of steam, quantum
computing will be among the technologies that
could usher in a new era of innovation across
industries. This leap forward in computing could
lead to the discovery of new pharmaceutical
drugs and completely safeguard cloud computing
systems. It could also unlock new facets of
artificial intelligence (which could lead to future,
more powerful Watson technologies ), develop

new materials science to transform industries,
and search large volumes of big data.
Quantum computing works fundamentally
differently from today’s computers. A classical
computer makes use of bits to process
information, where each bit represents either a
one or a zero. In contrast, a qubit can represent
a one, a zero, or both at once, which is known as
superposition. This property along with other
quantum effects enable quantum computers to
perform certain calculations vastly faster than is
possible with classical computers.

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