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Guest Post- 7 Common Computer Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today we would teach you Fix on Some Computer Mistakes You Must Avoid 

Sent in By  Yogesh Sharma

No matter you are seasoned or avid user of computer systems for long, there are certain mistakes which are very commonly observed by users. In fact, sometimes these mistakes make negative effects equal to the crime. Losing your important data because you didn’t take data backup or malware attacks are few of the examples. Let’s discuss few common mistakes computer users do which you should avoid to keep your system intact.

7 Common Computer Mistakes You Should Avoid


Keeping Crapware installed: Crapware or Bloatware or Pre-installed software is all those software and programs which come pre-installed on your brand new system. This software or programs come pre-installed and licensed on your device in the form of manufacturer based or third party based software. Other than an operating system which is the basic requirement of your system lot of other programs come bundled with your system to occupy a lot of storage space for no good reasons. In fact, you do not use or don’t intend to use these programs or software any time in the future. These programs also leave the system vulnerable to serious cyber attacks and breach in security. Thus keeping these software makes no sense. Remove all such programs manually or try some cleaning app to clean your system.

Avoiding system restart: If you solely rely on hibernate mode or shutting down your system then this step is for you to know. Simple restart process can help you fix a lot of basic problems with your system like slow system speed the Internet or Wi-Fi problems, programs using too much memory, Windows BSOD problem and much more. In fact, rebooting your system is considered to be a cure-all step to fixing ton of problems.
Avoiding Anti-virus software: If you are from those users who completely avoid the use of anti-virus software or using outdated anti-virus program then you are risking your system security significantly. The anti-malware software helps you secure your system against many seen and unseen threats which include phishing scams, malicious content, spyware, adware and lot more. These threats can attack your system via external devices, malicious links, unsafe browsing etc. Due to these threats, you can lose your data or it can even harm your system considerably. Using update and reliable security suite proves to be an effective wall against all such threats.

Unorganized data: Your system disk gets cluttered and unorganized over time due to extensive activities of saving and deleting data. This cluttered data includes junk files, log files, temporary files, cache & cookies, duplicate files, unnecessary apps and lot more. This data accumulates on your system over time and affects your system speed and performance negatively. To deal with it, you can do the manual cleaning of your system or you can use disk cleaner apps for better results.

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Free software admiration: Everybody like things offered for free. Same is the case with free software offers. This is the common tendency of users that they keep on downloading software offered for free for no good reasons. These free programs or software come for free for a specific period of time as you need to pay money for updates or for pro version. Eventually, these programs accumulate on your system in large numbers affecting your system speed and performance. These programs also cause security threat for your system. To avoid this situation, prioritize your software requirements and prefer custom software install.


Too much Disk Defragmentation: Users keep on using disk defragmentation tools to defragment and rearrange their fragmented data on their systems to occupy contiguous storage locations. Though this habit can affect your system negatively. It is important to understand that system defragments your disk automatically in the background thus it lessens the need to defragment device manually. Also, it is effective with HDD only it doesn’t make difference while you are using SSD.

Failure to back up data: Despite the increased cyber security threats users still avoid using data backup services. You can lose your important data due to cyberattacks, accidental deletion, viruses, hard disk damage or failure, power disruption, improper shutdown etc. Thus it becomes important to take proper backup of your data to mitigate data loss. You can take data backup on external drives, network drives, cloud servers etc. This simple step will help you recover your important data in case of any eventuality.

These simple tips and tricks can help you keep your system safe. These steps are useful to speed up your Windows7 slow startup or other problems with any other version or computer system. These steps can also help you improve your system speed and performance significantly. You can do little more research to find such common problems to avoid them.
Summary: There are many common mistakes computer users observe even when they are using the system for years. Most of the times these mistakes affect them significantly. Let’s discuss some of these common mistakes here. 


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