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Facebook Added an Extraordinary Feature to its Messenger App

In past few months, facebook has added lot’s of features in Messenger app, and it is getting updated on a regular basis. But none of them were harming the user or not being distracted for the user. But this time Facebook has added an extraordinary feature to its messenger app. Which may distract the user or user experience may go down due to this. This feature will be rolled out into the upcoming updates of the messenger.

As there were not so many ads on Facebook neither on the messenger app. But now the social network Facebook has revealed that now there will be sponsored ads in Messenger itself. As per the sources, ads will be shown below the conversation in large boxes relative to the size of conversations.
This decision was made after many suggestions from the advertisers who thinks that messenger is the cool way of “talking to consumers, driving sales, building brand awareness, and increasing user satisfaction.” In the announcement, it was said that one billion messages are sent between the people and businesses every month.

As per the facebook, ads will not be directly shown into your conversations. Ads will be shown just on the homepage of the messenger. They will only appear when you send a message to the advertiser of the company which will be great of the possibility via Facebook messenger.
As of now, ads are still showing for users in Australia and Thailand. Facebook said that still, it will take a long time to expand it to the rest of the world to “deliver the best experience for advertisers and users” of Messenger. Overall it will be an extraordinary feature to the Messenger app.

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