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Do I need to Change Domain name? 5 reasons to Change Your Domain Name

5 reasons to Change Your Domain Name

5 reasons to Change Your Domain Name

if you don’t have a simple domain name like applygist.com , you are missing out

Now Reading the title of this post, You must

have been wondering that what reasons COULD

make one think of changing his/her domain

name? be a new domain or an old one.

Well, below listed are some of the re

1. Complicated Name – If you tell someone on

phone to visit “Nairaland. com”, there are high

chances that the person wouldn’t make mistake

when typing the URL. This is not only because

Nairaland is a popular forum but because the

NAME is easier to pronounce and write down.

Taking another case of a site

“gaeskytuzcw. com” – Apart from the fact that it

will be hard to pronounce this URL, the receiver

also would find it hard to get the right spelling


2. Too Long of a domain name – Why would

someone be interested in a site that took 5

minutes JUST to type the URL? I mean a site like


would definitely be a pain in the neck of visitors .

Try making your domain name as simple, as

short and as precise as possible .

http://www.netsocialblog. com/2016/10/5-


3. So Familiar with an Existing Domain Name –

You wanted to register a domain name and

you’re thinking of something like

“Nairalandi.com” or “Facebooku.com”, my

brother/sister THINK TWICE!

Having a domain name very related to an

existing domain can confused the people you

share the url with.

4. Using Personal Name vs Unpredicted Future –

Just because you see lindaikeji have a site as

her name doesn’t imply you too should. If you

wanted to do so, thou should do it for a solid

reason and not cos of Linda.

Also ask yourself that can you cover the cost of

your personal domain name for a VERY long time

as no-one would be willing to buy it in case you

wish to sell in the future.

5. Domain Not Related To The Site’s Content –

You have a domain name as

“allroundsports.com” and when people check

your site, your content is all about Agriculture.

You think you are doing me, You are doing


Apart from being a turn off for readers, it is also

bad for your site’s SEO

There you have it, the 5 reasons why you should

change your domain name!

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