Amazing Things You must Know About The Winpad 2 Before you Buy Tablets pcs

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The winpad 2 as we all know is the latest device from Tecno Mobile which features on a laptop and tablet vibe cool which means the keyboard is a fast detachable one and can claim a tablet and the laptop can also claim a touchscreen computer.  best deals on cell phone service So here I go with my points angry

1.The winpad 2 features on a 10points multi touch.
That is,10 touches can work effectively on it.

Tablets pcs 

2.It provides a home cinema audio experience, the sound is loud and minimal,although it has a dual stereo speaker(one at the top and bottom of the screen) which gives a booming sound for music’s and all.  best deals on cell phone service

3.The 64GB eMMC v5.1 increases read and write speeds,which makes you quickly open the largest files. Tablets pcs The 64GB ROM plus the SD card slot makes you store more files as you wish and it also has a sim card slot which is a micro sim slot.  best deals on cell phone service

Tablets pcs 

4.Android apps cannot work on the winpad 2 except you get the applications from window store because it features on a window 10  angry 

5.You can charge the winpad 2 with a powerbank lol

What do you think about this laptop+tablet?? Tablets pcs

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by TeeFeh Tablets pcs

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