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Why iPhone 6S Sucks – What You Should Know

The day Apple unveiled the 4.7 inch iPhone 6s and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6s plus in San Francisco, another device also unveiled that day was the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which comes with a wonderful design. The colors of the latest Apple iPhone are; Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Gray. The iPhones are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities.
The motive of this article is to discuss why the iPhone 6s is not worth the hype. Before then, let us not forget that the iPhone 6s is a good phone with different features. Apple included 3D Touch on the device which makes it possible to upload pictures or check in without opening the application. For instance, simply tap the Facebook icon to upload pictures on the site.
Although, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are good devices, but they have their numerous shortcomings. Now, we are going to discuss why you should not consider buying the iPhone 6s.
1. Absence of External Storage
The fact that the iPhone 6s does not have external storage facility makes it a “No No” for me. This attribute of the iPhone also cripples file transfer. It makes it impossible to transfer items between computers without installing iTunes on the two computers. Also, you need to use file storage applications to get the work done. Although, these restrictions by Apple is to make the OS secured, but it does more harm than good to the user at times. For instance, it is frustrating when your iPhone can not perform the function when you are not with your pen drive.
2. Old 8MP Camera Composition
Following the announcement of iPhone 4S in the year 2011, the device had 8MP camera spec. This same specification is the same with subsequent iPhones like; iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This makes the camera spec unexciting, especially when you remember the fact that Nokia has a 41MP camera on a smartphone as far back as the year 2012.
Many phone users do not know that a big pixel resolution does not signify good camera spec. At times, manufacturers play smart with phone users. A 13MP camera might have poor camera resolution in comparison to another 8MP camera with good picture quality.
There are several things that make up good camera quality. For instance, the processor, the lens, the DSP engine, the sensor amongst others are features that make good camera spec.
Ordinarily, an 8MP camera with good features would work well for a common smartphone. There is simply no need for higher Mega Pixel camera spec unless the picture would be used for a large billboard showcase.
3. Mobile Device File Transfer Issue
Like the infra-red, the bluetooth file transfer might become obsolete in the next few years. This is due to the fact that there are some restrictions when it come to file transfer. It is important to know that the presence of bluetooth makes transfer of images, PDF files, documents and other documents easier between devices.
The lack of this simple transfer feature on the iPhone is not a good idea. To get a bluetooth feature, one needs to pay the sum of $9.99 through Cydia for the Celeste Bluetooth application.
Irrespective of what Apple thinks by not including the bluetooth app in the device, a random Android user would assume the absence of the transfer app should not be jeopardized for easy files transfer.
4. Jailed without a Jail-break
There are several things one can do on an Android device which can not be done on an iPhone that has been jail broken. Due to this fact, many people always refuse to upgrade their device when the release of an iOS update is announced.
An iPhone that is not jail-broken is close to being a less useful device. Although, Apple will not agree that jail-breaking the device is one of the things that still keeps the company in existence.
5. The Catch-Up Game
It is no doubt that Apple has been playing catch-up with Google. Apple used to be a pace-setter company that break old rules and set new ones for others to follow. The first ever produced iPhone and iPad set trends that every other manufacturers followed. However, many people are not impressed with Apple’s latest trends.
The first 64-bit mobile device featured in the iPhone 5S was the first in world. Though, phone analysts wondered why would a 64-bit processor be featured in a smartphone. The device also have the Touch ID which was the first ever fingerprint security. Apart from these two impressive features, Apple has not produced any pace-setting feature in the last few years.
6. Other Complaints
The users of the iPhone has a lot of petty gripes about the device. From unopened source of operating system, non – removable battery, no 3rd third party store, are few of complaints leveled on the iPhone device.
Will People Purchase the iPhone 6 spec?
No doubt, so many people like the Apple brand due to the sophistication associated with it. This means that the iPhone 6 will experience good sales. Millions of the device would be sold in the first few weeks, without recourse to the criticism the brand experiences every year.
Can One Still Consider Getting the iPhone 6 Despite its Shortcomings?
The answer is Yes! One reason to still look out for the iPhone is its secured nature. With an iPhone, one would not worry about virus attack or installation of spyware applications. From personal experience, an iPhone 5 has outlived three different Android devices. This implies that the life span of an iPhone is generally good. For iOS device freaks who has been on the platform for year, the several disadvantages of the device would be inconsequential to them.
So many users fail to upgrade their iPhones due to the fact there is little or no difference. The major upgrade of the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5s is the fingerprint security sensor and the longer screen size.
The bigger screen of iPhone 6 makes it desirable in comparison to other iPhones. This would however make people opt for the iPhone 6 device. To be candid, the Apple brand still have deep relevance among phone users. The brand will still get a large chunk of the market for a ling time to come. However, Apple needs to step up their game and improve their product specifications. They should try and recover their lost pace-setter position and not continue to live on past glory.
Battery Life
Although, Apple has stated that the fastest processor in the world is featured iPhone 6s. This would however make the battery drain quickly, because it has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6. The battery capacity of the iPhone 6 is 1810mAh while it reduced to 85mAh on the iPhone 6s. This implies that the iPhone 6s is about 5% less in capacity.
The lovers of the Apple iPhone brand can only hope for improvement in battery life with the production of the next iPhone.
The expensive nature of the iPhone 6s is another reason to weigh your options well before purchasing the device. When in actual fact, an Android phone with better phone specification than the iPhone can be gotten with lesser price. Purchasing the iPhone 6s from Apple with a contract costs $27 for the 16GB, $31 for the 64GB and $35 for the 128GB versions respectively.
Also, purchasing the iPhone 6s without contract costs $649.99 for the 16GB, $749.99 for the 64GB and $849.99 for the 128GB versions respectively.
Kindly drop your opinions on why you might not consider buying the iPhone 6s device in the comment box.

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