Netflix now Lets you Download Movies and Shows Across all Subscription Tiers

Netflix has picked up an update that lets you download shows and movies for offline viewing. The new feature lets users across all the pricing plans to download content for offline access.

Netflix has just snagged its best feature ever, yes the most popular streaming service has now got an offline feature which obviously lets you download shows to watch it later. Netflix has
announced this feature and claims that it will cover “many of your favorite streaming series and movies.” The feature is currently limited mostly Netflix originals and thankfully Netflix has segregated the downloadable shows separately, you know just so that you don’t have to skim through every title to figure out if it’s downloadable.

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This is indeed huge, Netflix users can now watch downloaded shows while traveling or even when they are stuck in a routine subway commute. The
significance of this feature is only more
pronounced in a country like India wherein reliable and high-speed internet in public places is yet to be realized. All you need to do to get the
feature is to simply update the app from either the Playstore or the Apple Store. The shows can be downloaded in two qualities, Standard and High, the standard takes up less space while the
High will obviously gobble up more space. That said, Netflix has not explicitly mentioned the resolutions but again they have never let users

toggle with the resolution settings earlier, even whilst streaming.

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