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MMM Nigeria’s top guider who collected 1bn- Most Wanted

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Did you Loose in MMM, see the man who ate your Money…..

These are not the best of times for millions

of Nigerians who invested their hard
earned money in the Ponzi scheme MMM.
Many had hopes of having a fabulous
Christmas celebration with the money
they will be cashing out from the money
doubling scheme only for them to wake

up on Tuesday, December 13, to hear
that they cannot do so.

They were told that all confirmed
Mavros have been frozen for one
month. While many are saying MMM is
gone forever and they should forget
their money, participants are hopeful
that it will come back in January.

More shocking reports has emerged as
there are claims that one Chuddy Anayo
popularly referred to as ” The MMM
number one Guider ” is the mastermind
behind MMM Nigeria.

Here are seven shocking things you
need to know about the MMM number
one Guider.
1. Chuddy is the son of Rev Kingdom
Chuddy reportedly introduced MMM to Nigeria
2. He allegedly brought MMM into
Nigeria in 2015 after striking a deal
with some Phillipinos to create MMM
Nigeria. This was achieved with the help
of some white people in Dubai.
3. All the deals were struck in Dubai as
he reportedly travelled to the country
mid-2016 to put finishing touches to
MMM Nigeria.
4. He used to be a participant of MMM
Global before he started MMM Nigeria.

5. Chuddy is said to have made billions
of naira from MMM. He reportedly
made over N5billion. According to one
Somto Monanu, a social media
enthusiast, his last withdrawal from
MMM was a “whopping N6M on the 8th
of December.”
Chuddy has made a lot of money from MMM

6. He allegedly travelled to Dubai again
in September 2016 to remit the money
he has paid so as to fulfill his part of the
7. He is married to Chiamaka Goodness
Ekeoma and had a lavish wedding in
Lagos Saturday, November 12. Their
guests were dressed in ‘green and white’
with a sash which had the inscription:
‘MMM Nigeria’. Their wedding cake was
customized with the MMM logo.
He got married this year to Chiamaka
When report of MMM freezing Mavros
surfaced yesterday, Chuddy came out to
clear the air on the development. He
said it was not the first time such was
happening and that the accounts will be
His wife also wrote an open letter to
MMM participants asking them to be
their brother’s keeper and help calm
their frail nerves.

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