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Email to SMS Lets you Send Shareable Email Links via Text Messages [Chromeville]

Email to SMS is a handy Chrome extension that will allow Gmail users to send shareable email links via text

messages. This feature is particularly useful for small businesses who prefer personalized communication with their customers.

Send your Email to SMS is a handy service that lets you send specialized offers to your customers, the best part is that the email alert can be sent as an
SMS. More often than not we don’t check our emails as often as the text notifications. The text sent to the customer opens up the email in a
single tap thus allowing them to read the complete email in their mailbox.

This is always better than just sending someone “check your email.” In essence, this service ensures that you catch up with their email by beaming a notification of the same via a text
message, in turn helping them get better turn around. Moreover, the link sent is shareable and will open the email with a single tap. Take, for instance, my editor has emailed me something of prime importance and usually he sends me a separate ping/text to inform me about the same, it is in cases like this that the Email to SMS will come in handy.

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First, the users need to compose an Email Message on Gmail and send it to themselves. Once the mail is received, click on the ‘phone icon’ on the upper toolbar and enter the recipient’s phone number. Once sent, the recipient receives the text in the format shown below.

As of now, the only downside of this extension seems to be the fact that it supports text, I mean, why not extend the same for WhatsApp, Messenger or even Slack rooms? The first ten messages are free and above that one could pay $1.90 for every 1000 messages, this will make better sense than actually shelling out hundreds of dollars over text message marketing. Like I  said earlier, this service may not make much sense for bigger businesses, but for smaller ones, it will help them reach the customers in a streamlined way without actually getting nosy.

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