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Breaking- Whatsapp May Introduce ‘unsend’ Option To Save You From Embarrasment

Yes Whatsapp and much troubles yet to come ….

You would be lying if you have never regretted

sending messages on WhatsApp that you weren't

meant to send. These messages might have

been to your boss, your professors, that sulky

colleague or just maybe you were at fault and

were drunk. However, that damage has been

done. Although, according to India Today, that

damage, if done recently can be fixed to a

certain extent. The reports suggest that the

Mark Zuckerberg-acquired company was working

on developing a new feature which would allow

the user to 'send' or 'edit' sent messages. If

reports are to be believed, the sent messages

would also get removed or edited as per the

actions are chosen by the user on this side.

According to WABetaInfo, the messages sent on

WhatsApp iOS receives a separate

'Revoke' button, which on clicking deletes the

text. If the website is to be believed, the sent

text gets deleted from both the phones. It was

also reported that the revoke feature works the

same way for photos and videos. While it is not

yet clear as to when this feature will be made

available, it can be expected to get rolled out

first for iPhone users.

It has to be brought into notice that Gmail had

rolled out a similar feature in 2015. The features

that could send the sent messages and save the

users from certain embarrassment. If WhatsApp

introduces the feature by the end of the year,

this would be the messaging app's second big

update in 2016. The Zuckerberg owned company

had added the video call feature to its app for

both Android and the iOS and rolled it out in 180

countries including India.

Source- Nairaland

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