This evolution of Google Play app icons graphic is funny, but also a little depressing

An infographic posted on Google+ yesterday truly has figured out how to catch the passionate crazy ride of Google’s application symbol development on Android in the course of recent years. Utilizing the symbols for Play Books, Music, Movies, Newstand, and Games, we can look as Android goes from toy-like skeuomorphism, to paper set patterns, to triangles (!?), to triangles in circles (disappointed face here) in Nougat.

I need to say, I think we truly hit Peak Icon in Android Lollipop. Those were some damn great symbols. The triangles in 6.0 were on-brand with the Play Store symbol, however they truly were kind of odd. And after that putting those triangles inside… circles? Google, what’s happening with you. The envisioned Android 8.0 symbols truly do outline the ludicrousness of the bearing we’re going.

One can dare to dream Google’s triangle-in-circle symbols are only a stage, to be supplanted by something somewhat less silly not far off. That is to say, what is this – iOS?
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