SwissCoin Mastercard, KYC – Things You Should Do Now To Get Ready For It

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  Swisscoin is no longer a new online business term to some of us as over 500,000 people had already registered and and many millionaires are emerging all over the world daily from it.

As previously announced, Swisscoin mastercard will be available soon and that means any moment from now. But before then, i want to use this opportunity to remind us of some very crucial things you need to do in other to get the Mastercard as well as being able to withdraw money from your SwissCoin E-wallet

Having registered and invested by purchasing a package has automatically made you a member of swisscoin and you are a potential billionaires but you need to complete your KYC form first.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) is a method put in place by SwissCoin to identify its members. That means if you don’t submit the necessary documents, you won’t be able to withdraw money from your E-wallet. You won’t even be issued the MasterCard

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Information regarding the different documents to submit for your KYC is in your account:

✔ Login to your account
✔ On the left menu, click Basic Data > My Data
✔ Click the “Edit Account” tab and properly fill the form.
✔ Once done, go back to Basic Data and click Verify Bank Data

Here, you will need to submit some documents to SwissCoin to verify two things:

✔ Your Identity
✔ Your address
✔ Details on all the documents required are present on this page.

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These are all simple documents though:

✔ Scanned Passport or National ID card to verify your ID
✔ Scanned Utility bill or Bank Account Statement to verify address.

NB: Make sure your address on any document is same as the address you use on your account.

Kelvin Alexander

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