Google announced earlier this month the smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL. These devices have received very positive reviews but no one had yet tested, seriously, the issue of security.
But during the PwnFest, a team of Chinese hackers managed to break the security of the Google’s latest smartphone in just 60 seconds. Yes, sounds bit strange right but it is true, only in 60 seconds Google’s new pixel smartphone get hacked.
It was in Seoul (South Korea) where an event held in the security area, where they were put some devices and applications to test. This event brought together for the hackers from all over the world that have shown the fragility of some systems.
According to the information after the Edge and VMWare Workstation, the new Google smartphone Pixel was also one of the victims which had been “hacked” in just 60 seconds by a team of Chinese hackers with Qihoo 360 name.
With the compromised device, the hackers can access all the essential information that is present in the same, including contacts, photos, messages etc.
In addition to Google Pixel, another incident also came to the light that the new version of Safari was also attacked and hacked in just 20 seconds and the old man Adobe Flash in just 4 seconds.
Regarding the prizes, the team responsible for bringing down Google Pixel took home $ 120,000 and those who crashed the security of Safari $ 80,000. The attack on Adobe Flash also earned $ 120,000.
It is true that companies continue to innovate products but security seems to be forgotten. In the case of Google Pixel, the company said that soon it will release a patch to address the vulnerability, something that should also happen to Safari and to the already frequent Adobe Flash.

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Kelvin Alexander

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