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3 Awesome Android Apps That Can Be Used To Block Text Messages and Unwanted Calls

We all (at least many people are aware) know of the Do Not Disturb (DND) code the Nigeria Communications Commission forced our network providers to introduce. The aim was to protect users from unsolicited text messages.

Call Blocking Apps

For the network providers, it wasn’t in their best interest to publicize that service. So in spite of the fact you can stop unsolicited texts by texting ‘Stop to 2442‘ on your phone for any network, there are still quite a number of people who are ignorant of the service.
But for those who have opted into the service, there is still the complain that the service is not what it should be. Some people also stopped receiving notifications from their banks when they opted into the DND service.
For me though on the Airtel Network, the experience is almost perfect. All unnecessary text messages stopped disturbing me.

This post though is for those who are not satisfied with the DND service. The solution is to use call-blocker apps. Call blockers have being around for long. But not many people know about them or use them.
The good thing about them is that apart from blocking unwanted text messages, you can also block unwanted numbers from calling you.
The major disadvantage is that you need to input the numbers manually into a blacklist so the app would recognize the number the next time it calls or texts you.
So for those who still want to get alerts from their banks, any of these 3 apps would do just fine
So let’s get down to it.
Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a call blocking that does many things very well apart from blocking unwanted calls and text messages.
If you are wary of spam messages from scammers and fraudsters, Mr. Number would help you identify these numbers and show them up for what they are.
The developers of the app have a comprehensive database of numbers of spammers and fraudsters. So if the number calls you before you put in your blacklist, the app would flag the number up for what it is.
Like every good call-blocking app, you have the option of reporting a number as either belonging to a spammer or a fraudster. That way, you can help others from falling prey to this people. That is how Mr. Number is able to get such a very good database of these fraudulent numbers.
From the settings, you can easily navigate to your contacts and flag numbers you never want to see on your phone screen calling you again.
A good way to put off an annoying acquaintance who keep disturbing you for favors.
Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker
Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

I guess Vlad Lee, the developer of this app, wanted people to have no doubt about what this app can do when he named it Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker. That is a double barrel name that means just the same thing I think.
Or perhaps he wanted to make sure when people search for a call blocking app, his app would come up.
This app is easy to use like any good app must be. No complications or frills.
Just add the annoying numbers to a blacklist and you are good to go. On the other hand, there is the ‘enable blocking‘ option if you want to explore the limits of the app.
.  The blocking option gives you three choices: all calls, private numbers and unknown numbers. Since this is all about blocking unwanted calls, I guess  the ‘all calls‘ option is pretty redundant here.
In this app, you can even block numbers based on their prefix. The prefix is the number that identifies which network is calling you.
So in case you have a beef with a particular network provider, you can use the app to block all numbers on that network from calling you. In which case you would need to call up friends and family on that network to inform them of your decision.
Call Blocker

Call Blocker
Okay, another unambiguous way if naming an app. At least when you see the name, you know exactly what it does. Maybe Call Blocker is the reason Vlad Lee (above) added ‘Calls Blacklist’ to differentiate his own app from this one.
Whatever the case, AndroidRock, the makers of this app have a very nifty app here.
So what does Call Blocker have that makes it unique from the two above. Nothing to be honest. At least if you want something to block unwanted calls and texts, Call Blocker is just as good any.
You might want to use it because it is very compatible with your device or because you love the simple user interface very well.
Whatever your reason, if you pick this app to do the job for you, it would do it very well and efficiently too.
There is the all important blacklist where you can add numbers you don’t want to call you. A whitelist for numbers not on he blacklist and a log where you can go and view all numbers that attempted to go through your firewall.
Again there is the unnecessary‘block all calls’ feature too. Apparently some people must like this feature for it to be present in almost all good call-blocking app.
All thses apps are free to download and use from Play Store. So there is no annoying premium features only available to paying customers.

Here is the thing, stick to the one that works very well for you. Because glitches and bugs are inevitable in all things Android, one app might not work as well as expected.
If you know of other apps like the above three you think are good or even better, please tell us about them in the comment box below.

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