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Twitter adds “Moments” Features- twitter monitoring

You can Now a Moment you so Cherish On twitter This is an Addition to Twitter Options – twitter monitoring, twitter searches, 

Twitter today has Launched an Amazing Feature on the PC and Mobile Views which allows Users to add some very Impressive expressions called Twitter Moments .

When you log into your Dash Board, at the extreme left, you will see this unique feature called Twitter Moments
Twitter Moment Feature is characterized into the following – twitter searches
  • TODAY- This carry options of tweets for the day which you may wish to pick out special tweets for the day to add as Twitter Moment.

  • NEWS- This feature carry Top news Trending on Twitter, which you may use to add as a moment worth to remember 

  • SPORT- This carry top Tweeted and Re tweeted Stories from Tweet accounts which you followed for that very Day twitter monitoring

  • ENTERTAINMENT-  This gives you option of adding Some Entertainment Moments that trend on Twitter for the Days Tweets, So you never miss out saving Tweeter moments to remember 

  • FUN- twitter monitoring Finally, among Option on Tweeter Moment Option is the Fun section. I bet you Don’t what to miss the Fun aspect followed on Tweeter which was probably carried on by Clowns, Or that Moment you caught Dozing on Network news. twitter searches

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