Nexus phones Gets Android 7.1 – Best Android 7.1 Developer Preview Is Rolling Out

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Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You Reality About Android 7.1 Engineer See Is Taking off

Googler affirms neither night light nor unique mark peruser swipe signals are coming to Nexus gadgets
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The Android 7.1 designer see is taking off, so Nexus telephones are getting their first taste of the product dispatching on the Pixel. Since it’s a dev see, it can be difficult to know whether missing components are missing on the grounds that they’re not done, or in the event that they simply wouldn’t be incorporated by any stretch of the imagination. Googler Ian lake has illuminated that two components not recorded as Pixel-elite still won’t come to existing Nexus telephones—night light and unique finger impression peruser motions.

Android 7.1 is the first run through Google has made components that are restrictive for its gadgets, which had made the whole changelog circumstance rather convoluted. We don’t simply need to stress over making sense of what is and isn’t a Pixel restrictive, additionally which standard 7.1 components require particular equipment that current telephones won’t not have. That is the issue with the previously mentioned highlights.

Night light tints the screen red to decrease the measure of blue light you see, which concentrates on show can contrarily influence rest designs. In Android 7.1, night light uses another equipment author interface rather than a GL shader. That implies driver support is required, yet the Nexus gadgets don’t have that. With respect to unique finger impression peruser signals, the swipe down to open notices won’t take a shot at the 6P or 5X in light of the fact that the equipment utilized as a part of those telephones won’t bolster it. That is disastrous, however no measure of grumbling will change the equipment components of your telephone.

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