MMM NIGERIA fights Members accounts

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MMM NIGERIA is beginning the fight against multiple accounts

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MMM NIGERIA has developed a program that helps to detect multiple
accounts registration in no time. As the Community prohibits multiple
registrations, all multiple accounts will be blocked. Their owner will
be paid the face value (the amount of his investment without accrued
interest) and will not be allowed to participate in MMM. But if the
participant writes in feedback and tells himself that he has
registered multiple accounts, he will remain a member of the
Community. The participant will choose one account to use, the rest of
accountswilll be blocked. MMM is the Community of people who trust and
help each other. Therefore, MMM uses the principle: one person – one
account. Unfortunately, there are those who come into the Community

only for the sake of quick enrichment and do not follow the rules.
There are not so many abuses, but they are actively being fought
against. MMM NIGERIA is aware of all the schemes used by those who
register multiple accounts. For the safety of the Community members,
MMM has introduced the restriction on the maximum amount of donation.
Some members register a lot of times and donate large sums in order to
get round this restriction. The reason for multiple registrations may
be the desire to earn referral and registration bonuses on their own
money. Such participant registers a new account in his first line, but
this account doesn’t belong to a new member, for it is his own, just
with a different e-mail and telephone. Donations are made from this
fake account, but the referral bonus goes on the other account. Due to
this program mechanism, multiple accounts will be immediately detected
and removed from the Community. MMM needs only real people, their
ideas and emotions – but not impersonal accounts.

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