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mmm Latest updates for mmm Guiders

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Dear guiders!

In order to make the allocation of help in our Сommunity more fair,
and to motivate guiders to develop their structures, monthly limits on
the withdrawal of guider’s bonuses have been introduced.

100+ guiders and those having below ranks: can GH up to 1 million
naira per month
1K+ guiders: up to 2 million naira per month
10K + guiders: 4 million naira per month;
100K+ guiders: 7 million naira per month;
1M+ guiders: 12 million naira per month;
and 10M+ guiders: 25 million naira per month.
Please note that these limits apply only to guider’s bonuses; no
restrictions on withdrawal of contributions and other bonuses
(including a referral bonus) are being introduced. In other words you
can re-contribute a part of withdrawn guider’s bonuses – it will
already be a contribution – which will grow, and you will be able to
withdraw it without restriction.

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Everyone should have a good understanding of this measure. The purpose
of MMM is to create a fair society. Therefore we must have the
solidarity between the participants and the guiders in our Community.
Those who exerted more efforts for the MMM development will get more.
But still, the volume of withdrawal has to be balanced, as the
objective of MMM is not to make someone super rich.
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These limits should also form a right attitude of the guiders to their
own structures development. Now it doesn”t matter how many people you
have in your first line. Most importantly – the number of the people
in your structure (this will determine your status/rank and,
correspondingly, the amount of monthly bonuses you may withdraw).
Thus, as a leader, you should not simply invite new people to the
Community, but you must work with your downliners, explain them the
ideology, motivate them to invite new members, share your experience
with them, assist them in enrollment and graduation Guider’s school.
The more committed and trained guiders and participants you will have
among your downliners, the faster you will grow your structure!

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Do your work and you will be able to become 10K+, 100K+, 1M+ or even
10M+ guiders in MMM very quickly! You are well placed to do that!

MMM Nigeria is unstoppable!
By our efforts, MMM will overcome!

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