How To Increase Android Speed Without Root 2016

Hello everyone, I know most of us have encounter this issue of phone not booting fast enough, having a lagging phone is disgusting.

It can make someone change the phophone hate it,Ever wonder why your Android phone lags?
Now let’s see what is aspiring about androas phones;Android device were made in such a way that a user can tweak the OS(operating system) as different ways.

You don’t need any third party to do this as it is the simplest,easiest and most impactful ,thus giving your android phone a speed Phone in just a matter of seconds with no third party application required

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Here Is How To Increase Android Phone Speed

:(1)Enable access to hidden “Developer Option” on your android phone,to do that simply tap the “About phone” on android settings,then tap “Build number”seven times and you are done.
Now you can just go back to settings menu and you will find development options somewhere around the bottom located list.

(2)Tap the new developer options ylocated enabled untill you find the following three settings,note that they might be located within an “Advanced” subsection
==>Window animation scale
==>Transition animation scale
==>Animator animation scale

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(3)At default,each of the following three animation scale are set to 1x,but tapping them and changing them to “5x” will dramatically boast your Android speed

This harmless trick forces the device to speed up all transition animations,and this resultsto a faster and smarter android device So this is the simple trick, so all you have to do is share and comment if it works for you

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