No need beating about the bush sliide as been in existence since late 2015 and I believe you guys are indeed familiar with the apk.. if you’re not familiar with the apk  dnt worry just follow the procedures with great cynosure and you will achieve success.

*Tools needed*
>Internet connection
>Your Android mobile
>A verifiable virgin /new email not already used for sliide. (There is need for Old users to a create new account)
>Your sense.

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Step 1: download sliide apk latest version from Google play.

Step2: install it and input the necessary details for signing up under create account. I.e your verifiable email and Mobile number.

Step3: sit back while ur account is creating.

Step4: after your account is been created, trace your eye to the left Corner of the screen where *MENU* is, click on it and locate promotion.

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Step5: After clicking on *PROMOTION* you we be requested to input a referer code, you need to be careful here, input this  Sdr code


_Mind this. The code started with *:* and ends with *<*_
If you can’t copy it get your pen and write it down correctly on a paper… * An Erratum in this Sdr code if not imputed correctly will notifies sliide and your account we be we run extra miles before the account can be recover, this is done at your own risk so be careful.

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Step 6: after inputting the  Sdr code click on the link below and reboot your phone check your account balance and see the magic.
*Note the Cheat credit is only valid till 11:59pm midnight  when their server will be updated… So dnt delay your withdraws.
Good luck. For more tutorials follow

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