How to Check Your Phone Number On Any Network

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There are two major way to check your phone number in all network.

Either you call your customer care or you use the USSD method to check your phone number.
But I will be sharing with you all a simple way to check your number without Without waiting in a queue for hours on the customer care line.

Which is the ussd method I believe not all of us are familiar with this method. 
Have you been dying to collect a friend’s number? you can use this codes to check the number on their phone.
Scroll to your network below, look for the code to check your number, then apply it then your number will be staring at you.
MTN: to check any mtn number with code, simply dial
*123#, then an option will come,select 1, then another option will
popup, select 1 again and the number of that SIM will display
AIRTEL: to check your AIRTEL number simply dial *121#,.then reply the message
with 1, another message will come,reply it with 5 also, and the number will display
GLO: To do this on your glo line dial *135*8# and the number will
display instantly
ETISALAT: dial *248# and the number will display immediately.
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