Facebook Discontinue Supports For Blackberry Devices Including BB10

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Blackberry is finished, ifn fact I do not believe that there is still a future for blackberry devices , it is barely a month now since whatsapp made an official statement todiscontinue supports on certain devices which blackberry happens to be the number devices affected, And I have not finished discussing the trend that a blackberry without Whatsapp is like a sport car without any tire. 

And now Facebook is sealing the fate of all blackberry devices when they made an official announcement that on the 31st of November 2016, they will no longer support Facebook native app on all devices running on blackberry OS, in which blackberry 10 is not an exception. The app will be put to an end and replaced with a web app.
So a please what will be doing with a blackberry with no whatsapp and Facebook App on it?
Is as he my sport car with no tires are been strip of It’s metal covering.

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Kelvin Alexander

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