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10 working steps to get your adsense approved 2016 100% working

Hello Applygist.com, today i give you my 100 secrete to approving your

US , UK, Nigeria, China or any Country AdSense. If it did not work,

contact me to give you a full verified AdSense for free


Follow these steps carefully:

your Domain Age is not a problem,

Your niche is not a problem

Your Country is not a problem

All you need is Obedience to these 10 Steps to getting AdSense

approval in 2016/2017

100% guaranteed

1. Get a domain eg .com, .org .net etc

2. Create your blog with responsive template, edit your navigation bar,

3. Add a sitemap, A HTML which auto updates your most recent post, on

a page name it sitemap, paste the code and publish .

4. Add About us page on navigation , and Private Policy. Then add a

link to Google website Private policy which will help readers read

more. you can even copy Google private policy and add a lunk to its

private policy page

5. Write an article with minimum of 10 post. You must never copy from

the internet, avoid using people images, download and upload them to

your site if you must use images on the web.Dont use Image links

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6. Allow the post to be indexed, by sharing and getting some views

7. Finally apply relax for first approval.

8. On second stage, add 2 or 3 more post , add the first code adsense

will ask you to upload on your blog and smile with you 100% fully

approved adsense …..

9. Even if No reply from Adsense for a month from first application,

Don't panic, Google Adsense will still reply ….

10 . it may take 5 weeks in all or less . Just be patient , dont do

any new post until you pass the first Approval stage, after you

uploaded a code on blog <head> you can do 2 more post.

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100% working ways to approve your AdSense 2016/2017

No blackhats needed

No youtube

100% working steos

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