How To Hack WiFi Password

[Guest Post] How To Hack WiFi Password Part 1

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How To Hack WiFi Password

Friends am not here for stories or long talks but to let you know WiFi Hacking is real and working 100%. I have hacked so many WiFi in my Area, if I mean many,  I don’t mean all.
WiFi hacking can be done by every android user as my method doesn’t involve rooting your device. All you need is you android device and a certain App am going to introduce to you as we proceed.
How To Hack WiFi Password

But before I tell you about this app have this in mind; This Method cannot be used to hack all Routers. Routers Hackable must be WPS enabled.
>> Firstly Download WPSPIN from Google Playstore here
>> Install The App and Open Asap
>> Immediately the Apps opens it begins to Scan For WPS Enabled device Wireless Network in your Area
>> Now Click on any of the available Networks/or the Network you want to hack.
>> Now it automatically generates a 8 digit PIN
>> Copy that
>> Open your laptop and enter the 8 digit generated in the password field
>>  WiFi Password successfully hacked
I will introduce a second method which is much easier than this in my next post.
Remember this works for only WPS Enabled Routers.
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