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Mtn free 3GB!!!!

Mtn free 3GB!!!!

Mtn free 3GB!!!!

Mtn free 3GB!!!!
Mtn is back with imei tweaking
This is very easy
Tweak dis IMEI…354553071281948
text INFINIX to 131 mtn 3GB
You can change the last five digits for better performance
Kelvin Alexander

How to Tweak Your Android IMEI Number

For today, we would be using Tecno Phantom Z as an example. E.g what we have here is the first 8 digits of the Phantom Z IMEI which is 35370906.
On a normal day, before tweaking your IMEI number, it must be 14 digit in figures.
*. This what you will do, the remaining 6 digits is required to complete the 8 digit above there. So you can add any 6 digits you like e.g. 102145.

First step done, this makes up 14 digits. E.g 102145 making it looks like this 35370906102145x
*. This is like the second round of it, you need to know that the last digit is crucial for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. So to get the last digit, download imei analyser following

*. We believed that the page has load, now enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on Check, it will provide you with the last digit.

*. Now proceed, if your using the IMEI analyzer,enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on analyze. Whatever digit that display is your last digit.

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if you get a message that you’ve reached quota, then you can try the below trial and error method.

*. Firstly, visit this site: http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/

*. And enter the known 14 digits e.g 35370906102145

*. The next thing to is to add any digit to the already known 14 making 15 digits e.g 353709061021452 and validate IMEI

*. After validating, there are two things that will either display, and that is (1) if the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. (2) But if the random digit is incorrect it will display IMEI number is not valid!

For instance, remember that we are operating with the above IMEI Number, and the valid IMEI will be displayed below it. e.g for 353709061021452 it will display IMEI number 353709061021452 is not valid! and just below it, it will display IMEI number 353709061021456 is valid.


Proven Steps on how to Add The IMEI to Adroid Phones

Congratulations, we have just finiahed the first method quater, we are entering the second quota.


Now after you’ve generated your IMEI, add it into your Android phone by following the below steps;-

*. Firstly, Download Mobile Uncle here and install it.

*. After that, launch the app and go to Engineer mode in mobile Uncle tool.

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*. After that, Select Engineer mode [MTK]

*. Then go to CDS information

*. Now select Radio Information

*. Select the phone 2 (if you want to change sim2′s imei number) Here you can see a command line with “AT+…”.
All you have to do is to add this command to it AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI NO” And press “send at command” button. ( if you want to change the the phone 1 IMEI

To cofirm it, restart the phone and check the IMEI by pressing *#06#.
After confirming it, you can help tweak so many IMEI by yourself and get Unlimited GB as you want.

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