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Use “MTN Who Called Me” To Know Who Called You When Your Phone Is Off

Before I starts saying anything about this superb improvement, I want you all to know that the service is absolutely free, and It’s been out for quite a long time now.
Just like I said in the topic above, This service called “Who Called Me” is an alert service that allows you to get a message notification of all the calls you have missed when your number is switched off or when it is unreachable.
You will also get another service that notifies you whenever a number you dialed is switched off or unreachable in available, this one is Called Who Called Me and Notify Me.
But now that you know this plan is free you might be wondering what you will gain from it, but what can you gain from a free service that allows you to keep track of your missed calls when your number is unreachable or switched off informs you when a number you could not reach or switched off is back on network.

mtn bblited

Lets say you are a business man that is about to collect a contract but You lost your phone and you have to do a welcome back, but before you finalize the whole welcome back stuff your employer has called you but your number is unreachable, and now that your number is back online he didn’t call back.
But using the Who Called me service, you will get the number as a notification with the date and time you were called so you can call him back to claim your contract.
On the other hand you’re a student and you need an urgent money for your project, you instantly call your dad but his number is unreachable or switched off, Well no much story, you will get a notification informing you that the number you tried to reach is now online, with a full details of the number.
I think everybody need this service in their device cause everybody will definitely benefit from it even though it is paid.
About The Services
Just like I have been trying to explain above, the services are of two different type,
Which Are
*MTN Notify Me
*MTN Who Called Me
About Notify Me And How To Activate It
This service is the one of them both that allows you to get the notification the of numbers you tried to reach but were unreachable.
you will get to know through SMS message when the phone number you could not reach becomes available on the network. Then you can call the number knowing that it is now available.The SMS will look like The picture below

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How To Activate
To subscribe and activate MTN Who Called Me and Notify me, simply text SET 01 to 100.
You will get a message like the screen shot below

About MTN Who Called Me And How To Activate It
As you all know and this happened to be the main topic this is a free missed call alert service that provides all the details of calls you have missed while your number was switched off or when it is unreachable.


An SMS with the caller’s phone number, the number of missed calls from each numbers and the time they called you

How To Activate It
To subscribe and activate MTN Who Called Me, text SET 02 to 100.
You will get a message like the screen shot below

How Check You Activation Status
To check if you have the service installed in you line, simply text the word STATUS to 100 then you will get a reply like this below
Y’ello! 8035632863 has an active Who Called service. Thank you.
How To Deactivate This Plan mtn bblited
If you do not like service or you’re disturbed by it you can still cancel it with just one click.
Just Text the word DELETE to 100
you will get a confirmation message like this below.

mtn bblited

Hope you enjoy this service, Enjoy.

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