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Latest MTN music plus cheat codes 2016 and How to renew

This is the most working way to renew your MTN 150MB Music code cheat for free browsing MTN music plus cheat codes 2016



Hello Applygist free browsing Tweakers,
I know its been very though out there MTN music plus cheat codes 2016browsing on MTN Sims since MTN upfraded her system. But today i will show you two working steps to enjoy Unlimited Browsing without stories. Now i subscribed for Etisalat N500 Social Me, free browsing, but got lot of issues connecting to my PC and i decided to run back to MTN musicplus free browsing which is super fast and i was able to tweak them instantly after i just exhausted my 150 MB,
Guys my sim was one of the Unlucky sims to renew MUSICPLUS free browsing after it was blocked… But no fears all sims should enjoy This 

lets tage an image view of what i did after my mtn musicplus 150 free MB got Exhausted  
This was the reply Respectively
Now Just incase the above Immage is not clear on your Browser just follow this steps on your MTN SIM MTN music plus cheat codes 2016
1. Just before your free MB finish,(my case i had 3MB left)
send Cancel7D to 5900
2. wait for a reply and then send Stop7d to 5900
3. Finally wait for a reply and send  D to 5900 
 You be charged 00.00 and given free 150MB to browse free 
See the second image to see how MTN may respond>>>>> Don’t mind them just be patient till they reply and continue
 To renew
 There are two ways you can renew your subscription for the 150 free browsing MB
1. After the above Free MB finish or is remaining very small like 2 or 3 MB,
Send Cancel7i to 5900, then send I to 5900 and you will get Another 150MB free
2. After you finish the 150MB given to you from sending i to 5900, repeat the Cancel7d, Stop7d and D to 5900 i just thought you ABOVE and you back to more FREE BROWSING MMB FROM MTN
NOTES: THIS WAS TWEAKED BY 3:31 PM ON SUNDAY 17th Jan. 2016 More Updates to come
 Is this work for you?? kindly comment on the comment box I will surely reply ASAP!!  MTN music plus cheat codes 2016
Enjoy browsing Unlimited till you get tired 
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