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How to effectively use your PC

How to effectively use your PC

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I learned something from Galaxy Kins a blog forum forum, which is helpful to Applygist.com  am going to show you tricks on how to browse the internet faster with simple to use shortcuts and search engine operators and find anything you want.How to effectively use your PC

See Tips to Browse the Internet Faster: How to effectively use your PC

1. Reopen the last tab that you accidentally closed: Sometimes we accidentally close windows tabs when trying to access many things at a time. Most times you open a new tab to retype the web address when this happen. However, you can always reopen closed tab with Command+Shift+T for Mac OS and Control+Shift+T for Windows. This works with Chrome and Firefox.

2. Use password mangers: If you are like me, with so many passwords on your head, you can make things eady for yourself by using a password manager so you never have to remember or type in a password again.
Most browsers have inbuilt plugin to manage passwords. To use them, simply sign in to a website like Facebook or Gmail and you will be prompted if you want to save that password for future use. You can use a password manager like LastPass and Mitro they works across multiple computers so you can have the same passwords saved at work and at home. Companies have the option of setting up a company account so all passwords are saved with the company and access to them is granted through the plug-in which adds security to the network. effectively use your PC

3. Use search function site: to search any domain specifically to find a page / article you lost.
Have you ever been browsing and found something interesting that you want to share or read later? Then later, you go back to that site and cant find the link you used to access the page. You can use the search operator, site:website.com, in Google search to have google search just that site.
You can add a keyword after the operator to narrow down the pages on that site. For example, the search query, “site:applygist.com airtime” will return list of blog post  on this blig with the keyword free browsing . Learn more search engine operators here.

4. In Chrome, leave a bookmark name empty to only display the icon.
Is your bookmark bar in Chrome getting a little too crowded? Right click a bookmark, select edit, delete the name field and leave it blank, save. This will leave only the image/icon of the website (known as the favicon) which is usually the logo of the site. If you need more room on the bookmarks bar use folders to further organize.effectively use your PC

5. Move Your mouse over links to see their destination at in the bottom left corner.
Simply hover / move your mouse over a hyperlink in Chrome or Firefox, then look at the bottom left corner to see where the link will take you. This will help you avoid phishing links in your email, you will know the actual destinantion of any given link. This is also good for browsing at work and avoiding NSFW websites.

6. Hold CTRL Key when you click on a link to open it in a new tab.
Want a link to open in a new tab but not sure if it will? Hold Command on a Mac or CTRL on a PC as you click to have it open in a new tab. How to effectively use your PC

7. Highlight a term or phrase that you want to search for in Google, right click and click “search in Google.”

How to effectively use your PC

Simply highlight any term or phrase, right click and select search in Google, the Google search will open in a new tab, saving you some clicks in the process.
That’s all fir  today do enjoy your PC

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