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Are you looking for a way to suf the net free?? then enjoy MTN music plus,   MTN BBLITED, MTN 2go ,  Etisalat chat pack and socialme, Spectranet data etc follow this steps bellow

configure tweakware

The tweakware VPN Android application is an application with numerous servers of various nations of the world including United States of America, United kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, China, Belgium, Rusia, Brazil thus numerous different nations servers. Before Tweakware went premium, this nation servers were free and bursting perfectly however now there are just two accessible free servers in Tweakware.


  •   The main advantage of Tweakware is that it is very simple to setup
  •   It is all in one VPN app. (it works for Etisalat socialme pack, MTN BBLITED, Etisalat 00, MTN 2go cheat, mtn music plus, spectranet and others)
  •   It is lighter than normal Psiphon and simple server apps excluding Psiphon Pro Lite handler
  •   There are two free servers for those that don’t want to buy the premium account
  • *You can easily switch from one server to another if the server you are using is misbehaving
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Now subscribe to any plan such as MTN music plus,   MTN BBLITED, MTN 2go ,  Etisalat chat pack and socialme, then download this app here



1. Launch your tweakware app

2. On the main menu, tap on settings
configure tweakware 
3. new window will open, just tap on bundled settings

4. Next click on use bundled settings

5. A popup message will appear, then select the cheat that you want to use.
configure tweakware
6. Now go to tweakware menu and long press Default server 
7. It will be updated, (you need at least 100kb of data on your phone to do this)

8. Finally, you will see a list of servers including the free ones. Choose any of the free ones if you haven’t purchased premium tweakware username and password.

configure tweakware


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