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32 Websites on Google that Makes Life much Eassy

Today we decided to Mine 32 Websites that Could Make your Life much more easy !


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32 Websites on Google that Makes Life much Eassy

All may not be applicable to you just enjoy the one you find interesting1 Bookmark this page for ,more Teach Solutions

1.      Cut MP3 Online (cutmp3.com)- A very simple online tool to cut MP3 files to create ringtones or anything else. It simply helps you cut the best part of a MP3 out.
2.      Google Translate (translate.google.com)- Let the language be no barrier to you. Translate any language into any language with Google Translate. It lets you translate a piece of text or a whole web page.
3.      Get (ge.tt) – It makes sharing a file easy. Just upload the file and share the link, the users will be able to preview it and download.
4.      justdelete.me – Delete your accounts from various web services.
5.      tosdr.org – Get the shortened terms of service from popular websites.
6.      unlistmy.info  – Get your information unlisted from the Internet.
7.      printwhatyoulike.com – Print only the parts of a webpage you want to print.
8.      mailinator.com- Get a temporary email address.
9.      Fiverr (fiverr.com)- It’s okay if you are not jack of all trades. You can get anything done in just $5. People will do that for you on Fiverr.
10.  Typing Web (typingweb.com)- Ever wanted to type without looking at the keyboard? This is a website that can help you do that.

11.  isup.me– Check if a website is currently up and running.
12.  doihaveadeadpixel.com – Check your computer screen for dead pixels.
13.  ninite.com – Bundle and download your favorite free software
14.  disposablewebpage.com – Create a disposable webpage.
15.  Lovely Charts (lovelycharts.com)- A website to create beautiful flowcharts, sitemaps, diagrams etc

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16.  Screenr (screener.com)- Record your desktop activities and upload them on YouTube. A great tool to share presentation and tutorials on YouTube easily.
17.  keepmeout.com – Block yourself out of time consuming websites.
18.  Applygist.com- Tech Blogging Weblog ith free Tutorials and softare Cracks
19.  Copy Paste Character (copypastecharacter.com)- You may not find all the special characters on your keyboard, this websites contains all of them, just copy and paste in your documents or email.
20.  Pintrest.com —- Amazing Site that Get your Pictures Pinned and Discovered.
21.  Google.com — Number One website that Helps you find anything in the world including maps, languages, cultures, technology etc
22.  Linkedin —–  World Number One Careers Job employment portal
23.  Facebook (facebook.com) –Lets you connect with your friends and Family

24.  Twitter (twitter.com)- Lets you connect your favorite celebs, politicians.
25.  PostPost (postpost.com) – You might get overwhelmed by Twitter if you’ve got a large number of followers, use PostPost to read your Twitter timeline easily.
26.  Tumblr (tumblr.com)- A Free Blogging Service
27.  Geni.com (geni.com)- You may have been drawing family tree on a piece of paper, it’s the same thing but online, and the fact that it is online, you can let other contribute to your family tree and create a bigger one. It makes thing so easy.
28.  Phonezoo (phonezoo.com)- It helps you create your own ringtones, the website already has a huge database of created ringtones that you might not feel the need to create one yourself.
29.  How to Clean Anything (howtocleananything.com)- A rare website which features useful articles for homemakers to know how to clean something.
30.  Fix it Club (fixitclub.com)- Things break all the time, but when your favorite things break, turn to this website where you may find the solution to fix it. Awesome stuff really
31.  Cut MP3 Online (cutmp3.com)- A very simple online tool to cut MP3 files to create ringtones or anything else. It simply helps you cut the best part of a MP3 out.
32.  YouTube in TV style (youtube.com/leanback)- If you’ve got bored of YouTube video player, try this one, lets you enjoy YouTube videos in TV Style.

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