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To Become A Blogger Or Youtuber In 2022?

A new year is upon us again, and it’s so usual for people to strategize and make plans that revolves around moving their lives forward. The financial aspect of an individual is an integral one, and it is reasonable that people will plan to engage in things to enable them have more money to spend.
This is taking us to the subject of if to settle for becoming a Blogger Or Youtuber. Many individuals are trying to create a new career path, while many others are trying to create new systems of income. The goal is similar – to make more money.
Now, which should you opt for – becoming a Blogger Or Youtuber?
Blogger Or Youtuber?
Both systems can fetch one huge amount of money. They are cool passive income mediums too. In fact, they are both career paths that are reputable. Both can bring fame and riches too. There are lots of very famous youtubers doing just fine. There are also numerous bloggers that became famous via blogging.
How about riches? Many youtubers are currently millionaires, making a lot of money from doing what they do on their youtube channels. There are also many bloggers that keeps earning good money with their blogs.
The history of weblog is a pretty interesting one. But it used to be more of a passion thing where people simply journal online. All of a sudden, it was discovered that blogs can fetch serious money. And ever since, there have been several innovations and more people have crowded the space. It is also necessary to add that Google’s Blogger platform made it very easy for many people to jump into the space. This was because, it was pretty easy to create a free blog (. blogspot) and easy to operate a Blogger blog.
Additionally, YouTube witnessed a turn around after it was purchased by Google. So, first, we should first appreciate Google for making both blogging and youtubing lucrative. Back to YouTube talk. After different innovative touches from Google, YouTube too became a platform where people can make serious money by simply uploading their content.
Now, you probably know the things talked about already. And you are more interested in knowing which of these you should opt for.
The truth is, it is not a straightforward answer. It is not too easy to recommend one of them above the other, because there are usual peculiarities attached to these things. So, it depends on different things and factors.
You can go for Blogging if you are really good with writing – particularly if you are the type that loves and enjoys writing. You should be able to do well as a blogger if you are pretty good writing. Note that there are numerous bloggers out there today, and the competition is very strong. But people still appreciate fine and unique content. The more people who are interested in your writings, the more fans and followers and readers you will likely have. This of course can be utilized into more money for you.
Now, it is necessary to state this – if you are going to become a Blogger. The fact is, something prominent that determines your success in this field is traffic. That is, if you really want to do well as a Blogger with your blog, you have to do all it takes to get quality audience – people who are really interested in what you write about. Now, there are different ways to get quality readers to your blog – both paid and free ways. However, prominent here is via Search Engines. Which will bring us to the issue of Google Search and SEO.
To easily excel as a Blogger, you should know about SEO and try to be good with it. Even as you write, you write putting at heart readers who will likely get to your article via searching for something on Google Search. It is easy to get tons of traffic using this medium, since Google Search is being used each day by tons of users all around the world.
On the other hand, you can look towards the direction of becoming a Youtuber if you know writing is not your thing. If you can do something interesting (or educative), you can go ahead videoing yourself and posting it on your YouTube channel. It should be noted that you don’t even need to have a professional camera before starting. If you have a good smartphone with a lovely camera, you can actually utilize this too.
Still talking about YouTube, one interesting thing we should add is that, there are certain types of videos you can create without even having to show your own face or use any video camera at all. For instance, you can put together slides to pass your message. You easily do this with softwares (even with your smartphone).
Now, to be realistic, if you are going for a blog, considering different factors today, before you can start to expect huge amount of traffic from Google Search each day, you have to be so patient. You may have to wait till up to a year. In fact, while waiting, you should still ensure that you are working very hard publishing reasonable articles and other stuff (including link building). Nevertheless, while you also must work hard as a new Youtuber if you want to grow big, just a single viral video (which can go viral overnight), can change the game for you – increasing your subscribers and making you eligible to monetize your channel.
In conclusion, both blogging and youtubing are still lucrative and unique in their own different ways. You can either start with one or choose to combine both simultaneously and see which will eventually flourish first between both of them. Also, you can easily apply for AdSense to make more with your blog, as well as apply for the YouTube Partner Program to start monetizing your channel as soon as you are eligible (where you are expected to get up to 1000 subscribers first).

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