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A Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Product Page

A Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Product Page

A Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Product Page
A Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Product Page

The first thing a customer notices after visiting your online store is the product page. People land on your product page through search engines or clicking through an advertisement. Once you get the user there, the product page should be attractive, informative and designed in a way that can give the user a friendly experience. To make your product page attractive follow these steps.

Create great product images

The product page should be optimized completely and efficiently. The image of the product should be clear, best practice is a picture with a white background to display the eCommerce products. A clear front and back picture must be updated. The first thing a person notices is an image, spending much on the image will decrease the number of resources that must be served for some other purpose. Proper time should be given to the photoshoot. There are certain things that you require for a good photo shoot.


It is not necessary to use a DSLR camera only. Today, many smartphones have a camera with good resolution. There are many options to set the light you require for the photos.

A consistent source of light

Light plays an important role in your photos. Taking pictures in natural light must be considered because it saves you from spending on the artificial light set up. Pictures should highlight the important features of the product without any shadows in the image.


A Tripod stand is necessary for a single person who has got the task to take photos. It can save a lot of time and energy.

Multiple shots

To provide a complete view of the product, multiple shots are necessary. The view of the product from every side and angle is different from one another. The customer is keen to know about the whole product by just viewing the pictures. You can add as many pictures as you want just to satisfy the customer. The customer looks at the pictures even before reading the information about the product.

Editing photos

After taking enough pictures, it’s time to edit them. Remove all the backgrounds and add white background. This can be done by using software like Adobe Creative Cloud Magic and Pen-tool less time-consuming. Other software like Pixlr can take your unedited version of pictures and return professionally edited pictures. The contrast and lighting of the image can be adjusted avoiding any filter.

Optimize your images

There are different file formats for images. It is ideal to keep the size of the image under 70kb. File formats that must be used are JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIFS. Name the images with suitable file names. Also use titles and tags.

Make use of compelling videos

Video can also be used to display your product effectively. According to Stacks and Stacks, videos attracted many customers and people who watch the videos are more likely to purchase the product. Today videography has also changed. Many video types can be used to make a video.

Product tour video

Product tour video can be needed in the case when a product has many features. Explaining every feature in detail will consume more time. Making the product tour video is ideal. This will also make the customer remain on your site for a longer period that can convince them to buy a specific product.

Unboxing video

Unboxing videos are fun and liked by everyone. Providing an experience of what will they feel when they will get the product beforehand is a great way to attract customers. The popularity of such videos can be understood by the fact that almost 20 million people searched for unboxing videos on YouTube. Every one of five customers has watched an unboxing video. Unboxing videos have an emotional essence that attracts customers.

How-to videos

It is a kind of instructional video where the customer needs assistance in using the product. To get every minor detail about the product, customers watch these videos. These videos show how a product can be used. The importance of these videos can be understood by the fact that 95 percent of people have watched such videos in their life.

Product line videos

Customers are keen to know about the details of the products. Their creation, assembling and packaging can be shown to the customer through this video. This will create a sense of satisfaction in the mind of the customer because they know they are investing in something worth it. There are many fake products available in the market which are made secretly. By showing the whole process in a product line video, you can attract more customers to your platform.

Write Attractive product Descriptions

The product description is an essential part of a product page. Communication is everything. On an online platform, you can communicate with your customer through this description. Words that inspire are ranked well in the search engine. Content that you create is of high value and determines your ranking on the search engine. The title of the product must be highlighted and easily traceable.

Target audience

Attract the target audience by mentioning that the product is suitable for them. Use a tone that can make them feel connected. On an online platform, everything should be presented in a way that can make the customer feel related or connected to it. Provide them a lot of reasons and get them convinced to buy it.

Distinguish features and benefits

Products distinguish from each other based on their features. For instance, some clothes are made up of cotton fabric, some from nylon other from jerseys. To cater to the needs of the customers describe all the features of the product. While describing the benefits, tell the customer how can it be useful to them.


When you are crafting the product page, keep a view on it from the eyes of the customer. Make it user-friendly where the user can navigate all the features easily. The process should be hassle-free which will result in giving you more sales.


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