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Top Writing Tools for College Students

Top Writing Tools for College Students

There’s no getting around it: If you want to succeed in a college or university setting, you need the right tools to help you write clearly and quickly. However, depending on your writing and learning styles, those tools could look a bit different from person to person. For one individual, you might need access to tools and accessories that make it easier for you to type up high-quality papers. For another person, you may need tutoring to help prepare you for the written component of your entry-level exams.

Regardless of your unique education journey or your specific learning needs, some resources can help connect you to practical writing tools and strategies. From SAT prep to university papers, here are a few that you should keep in mind.

Take an essay prep course.

Top Writing Tools for College Students
Top Writing Tools for College Students

When you’re preparing for college, you’re probably dreading the SAT essay portion. The SAT is already a stressful examination for many prospective college students, and even test-taking pros struggle with the pressure of the written exam. Though every institution doesn’t require the written component, it’s a great way to highlight your writing skills and your ability to think clearly under pressure. Since the essay portion requires you to make an excellent choice to teach textual connection or interpretation, you want to ensure that you’ve practiced ahead of time.

Your top pick should be an essay prep course that can help you take practice essay exams and learn how to make textual connections in a limited amount of time.

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Upgrade your workspace.

Your workspace can influence your writing quality and even impact your creativity. That’s why it’s essential to invest in quality accessories that can amplify your study area and help you unlock your writing potential. The right mouse, monitor, or sensor can impact your writing more than you might guess. A top pick for gamers and college students includes wireless gaming mice with scroll wheels, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth connections. Unlike the average computer mouse, a high-quality wireless mouse can make it easier for you to click through your documents, make quick edits, and take full charge of all of your written homework.

If you’re looking for the best mouse, you should prioritize a comfortable mouse with long battery life. If you can, read user reviews that specifically mention battery life, ergonomics, wireless connection, and other vital features. This can help you make a great choice when you’re ready to buy new computer accessories for your workspace.

Leverage existing on-campus resources.

Top Writing Tools for College Students
Leverage existing on-campus resources.

When you’re struggling with written assignments or you need an extra set of eyes on an important paper, it’s helpful to seek a response from your campus writing center or English department. Often, the writing center is staffed with graduate students who have proven their mastery of the written word and can help you make more impactful decisions in your writing. In addition, your campus writing center can help you streamline your writing workflow and even develop strategies that help you stick to your outlines and make more cohesive points. Finally, even if you’re taking remote classes from a home office, many campus writing centers offer remote hours and workshops. That way, any student has a chance to access helpful on-campus resources and use them to grow.

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With these tips and tools, it’s that much easier to take full charge of your collegiate writing and composition. Since papers, essays, and written assignments are integral to your academic success, it’s critical that you have a good idea of what does and doesn’t work for you. Whether you’d benefit from a customizable RGB keyboard and optical mouse with programmable buttons or you have the right equipment and need help finessing your word choice or grammar, some resources and solutions can help you succeed.


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