In this 21st century of ours, despite the whole hustle and bustle and activities we run, on our daily basis, from the most busiest Wilshire Boulevard LA to the most quiet Culver City or marina del Rey LA, with an estimated LA population of about 3.967 million (2019), there’s one thing that’s quite important and plays a huge role in our lives as Humans and a slight glitch on it could put a stop to every other thing we hope to stay hooked on_ an APARTMENT!. Apartment hunting is a very emotional process. If you allow those emotions to get the best of you, you may fall prey to a number of common home buyer mistakes. Since homeownership has far-reaching implications, it’s important to keep your emotions in check and make the most rational decision possible.
Your aim is to end up with a home you love at a price you can afford, but unfortunately, many people do things that prevent them from achieving that dream.

Before you begin apartment hunting, you will want to prepare your budget, checklist and questions.

Ask questions
Ask whoever is showing the property as many questions as you can during your walkthrough. Here are some questions you should ask your property manager:

  • Is there a garage and is there a parking fee?
  • How do I request a maintenance order?
  • Are utilities included in the rent payment?
  • Are there income requirements and if so, do I need a guarantor?
  • Does the building have a laundry room?
  • Is the Apartment or Estate Licensed by US Authorities?

Once you have these questions answered, you should have a better idea about what the apartment and building include. Next, you will want to ask one of the most important questions of all.
Ask about pets
Something that many people will want to be certain to ask about is if their pets are allowed. Pet policies vary among different apartment complexes and most will not allow them without a fee.

Don’t rush
Be sure to take your time as you go through the complex and the unit. When property managers show their units, they often have a lot on their minds with other tour groups, current tenant issues and operations to take care of. They may try to take you through the viewing as fast as possible.

However, this is their job and you can take as long as you like to view the apartment. Take some of their time to make a connection by talking about yourself and asking questions so they remember you. This might make them more likely to choose your application over another.

Finding the perfect place to live here in Los Angeles can be a little harder than people expect, especially in places like Santa Monica Boulevard LA, Anaheim, wedtlawn LA, Riverside LA North Hollywood, Ontario Lankershim Blvd etc. The home of your dreams is out there, and it’s quite easier to secure a place of your choice with  saving the whole stress for them to do the job for you, trust me, zumper.com is one of the top leading platforms for apartment hunting, right from the display options of the apartments, types and locations, tags and amounts (which would help you reconsider your options and help you find an apartment you can afford easily), it is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms condos and apartment for rents, you can always apply online to get updated on their new rentals and alerts on their price range and so on.

Remember your checklist during the home search
More than likely, you’re going to discover your dream home online before ever stepping foot inside. According to a 2017 study conducted by NAR, the majority of home buyers start their hunt online. Only potential buyers age 71 or older turn to a real estate agent first.

So how can you make the most of your online search? Favoriting every home you like probably isn’t a good idea—you can get bogged down by the number of homes that have something attractive. Instead, review your checklist to see if a home meets your criteria.

Why suggest an online apartment search resource?

It’s very simple! To save you the stress! Since it’s very hard
Atimes to get you a place so comfortable and choice abiding, these platforms allows you to be open to alot of apartment hunting options within few hours from the comfort of your couch, plus you getting to see the relation of what you like to what you see, if you really don’t know how to go about it you could check out zumper.com apartment hunting, stats and reviews.

Your first consideration which should be your location: knowing where you want to live;
will be the location you want to live in and what you can afford in that area. Make sure to also think about the type of apartment you are searching for or if you want to live with roommates.

Your location determines which school your children attend, the length of your commute, how far you’ll travel to a grocery store, and possibly where you’ll socialize — in other words, where and how you’ll live your life.

The the type of neighborhood you want. Do you prefer a large gated community, a cozy area with tree-lined sidewalks for your daily jog, or grand acreage with no neighbors? Think about the lifestyle you want. Do you want to be surrounded by nature or live near bars and restaurants? A very busy and active area or extremely quiet and peaceful? Are there bike lanes? Is there sufficient street lighting? You can always look up Zumper as the best option.

You should also consider; Zumper, Your expectations, as a renter you have every right to get a desired apartment and we sure know that’s why you put every effort to searching for the right one, but you should try as much as possible to very careful in venturing into the hunting thing as you could be overwhelmed by so many options leading to indecisiveness and eventually you get just roughly what you never bargained for, be more diplomatic and specific right from the facade to the very porch setting_ know what you what and decern the very result you get. Your result should match your expectations on a specific apartment you desire and What have you settled for.

The reviews,
Some apartment complexes and real estate agencies are known for bad practices. Most people are very vocal online when they find something they really like or really don’t. Be sure that you Google the company and read reviews to gather background information before your tour. That is why zumper.com is actually one of the certified platforms that’s a 100% at giving you the best apartment hunting results you could ever imagine, you should give it a trial!.

If you feel that there is room to do so, you should try to negotiate the price of rent. You are expected to negotiate prices when the unit has a lot of problems that needed to be fixed. You can also negotiate if the building or unit does not include the amenities that you desire. The property manager might be willing to sacrifice some of the rent if it means you will sign a lease.

Capitalize if necessary,
You should also know when you have to capitalize on a listing before you lose it. If you are searching to rent during popular months, then odds are you won’t be the only one looking at the unit you desire. It is important to follow-up with the property manager frequently because apartments can get taken so quickly and you want them to know that you are interested. If you see an opportunity that is too good to be true, it probably is and you should jump on it.


few houses or neighborhoods have everything — the perfect location, feel, community, schools, and pricing. But the earlier you start weighing pros and cons, the more time you’ll have to decide what is most important to you about your home’s location.

Assess the must-haves of your dream home
Almost as critical as the location is knowing the specific features and amenities you want and need.

During your search, you should have listed features that are absolute must-haves, like the number of bedrooms, yard size, number of stories, age (do you prefer a historic feel or something built in the past decade?), and general condition. Some owners might be willing to tackle a fixer-upper, especially for a lower price-point, while others want something move-in ready.

Then consider which features you’d love to have but can live without, or could add yourself. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a wrap-around porch, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Maybe your spouse wants a pool but is willing to stretch for a two-car garage

There are a lot of decisions that can affect your search, so we came up with some apartment hunting tips to help guide you through the right process

Before you start house shopping, be realistic about what you can afford, and tailor your search accordingly.
Downplaying flaws could be a costly mistake, as could overestimating your ability to play handyman yourself.
Jumping in too fast or waiting too long to put in an offer are both risky in terms of cost and what kind of property you might end up with.
Don’t overbid for fear of losing out, as it can cause problems with the appraisal, the mortgage, and reselling the house.
Not Knowing What You Can Afford could be very confusing, plan ahead and know what you want, what you have and what you can stake.
Once you’ve fallen in love with a particular place, it’s hard to go back. You start dreaming about how great your life would be if you had all the wonderful things it offered, like the lovely tree-lined streets, the jetted bathtub, the spacious kitchen with professional-grade appliances, etc.

Finding a home can take a lot of time and travel, but when you find the right one, it’s worth it. People spend so much time dealing with housing setbacks. Now that you know what to expect during the search for the right apartment hunting, you should feel confident to start your search for a new apartment without any hesitation.

You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know of anyone who plans to list a house soon or post your request on your social media networks.

Although there’s a lot to consider before buying a home, starting early can be a game-changer. Try to allocate time each week for the process. Set monthly or bi-weekly deadlines. The more time you focus on planning, the easier it will be to recognize your dream home when you see it.

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