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OSRS – What You Need to Know About Birdhouses

OSRS – What You Need to Know About Birdhouses

OSRS – What You Need to Know About Birdhouses
OSRS – What You Need to Know About Birdhouses

If you want to get your hunting skills up to scratch, then Birdhouses are a great way to do it.

Old School Runescape has a lot of ways in which you can take advantage of the items that you can get. Whilst a lot revolve around OSRS gold and having to buy OSRS gold, birdhouses are used to catch birds on Fossil Island. So instead of focusing on OSRS GP, we are going to be looking into seeds.

You fill the birdhouse with seeds which are then placed in a certain area on Fossil Island. You then wait for birds to fill the boxes, then get the nest after an hour. So if you are looking for a passive way of hunting, this is a great way that you can do it.


If you would like to craft a birdhouse, then you will require a log of the type that you are looking to make, then get a piece of clockwork as well as a hammer and chisel. Once you know how to build them, you are going to be embarking on what is known as a birdhouse run.

Prior to going over to Fossil Island, we will need teleports to help us get around and get back. Having a digsite pendant, which you can make by using a level-3 enchant spell upon a ruby necklace, you can get yourself near the boat that you need to be at. From where you are placed, go east until you can choose the quick-travel barge guard option. You could also use the mycelium transportation system with magic mushtrees. You can find one to the north of the museum camp, which you can reach by finishing the agility challenge then go north-east from there. The digsite pendant is probably the best way for you to go in terms of speed.

Birdhouse Run

Once you get to the point in which you have your inventory ready to go, you can then get started on working towards your birdhouse run. Firstly, go to your digsite pendant and use the option for fossil island. You then need to head to the north where you will find the magic mushtree and go to the Verdant Valley. When you get there, you will find an area on the floor to the east, where you can use your birdhouse. You can then use your seeds on it, before finding another spot to the northeast. Do the same again then go back to the magic mushtree that you found when you go here and select Mushroom Meadow.

After you get there, go to the north and find the third space to use your birdhouse. This is found at the end of the brown path, so go south after this until you hit a wall. From here, go west to find the next birdhouse area. You will need to be waiting an hour for the birdhouses to finish, and you can do whatever you need to do at this time. You can even log out if you need to, as it isn’t counted towards your playing time. If you are going to go on a second birdhouse run after this, then you should use this time to fill up your inventory for the next run.

For your second run, you will once more rub the digsite pendant to go back to fossil island again. Go back to the locations in the same order, as you would on the first run. When you go back this time, however, you will be right-clicking on each of these boxes and choosing the ‘empty birdhouse’ option. You will get a nest and feathers, and you will get back your clockwork as well for you to use on other birdhouses or you can sell them. After you have emptied them, repeat the process and then fill them with seeds before going to the next area. Then, when the four seeds are done you are able to head to the bank and get selling. This will give you the opportunity to fund the future birdhouse runs if that is what you are looking to do.

You stand to make a decent amount of hunting experience depending on where your hunter level is at. If you are considering doing these runs, then you do stand to make a decent amount of OSRS gold as well. With that in mind, if you want to take a break from hunting down monsters with your twisted bow or you don’t want to have to find OSRS gold for sale, then check out birdhouse runs.

Have you done these OSRS Birdhouse runs? Let us know in the comments section below!


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