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10 African Healthcare Tech Start-ups


Technology keeps gaining more and more grounds in Africa, and it is simply exciting. There are several innovative folks in the continent who are now talking steps towards making Africa much better. You know, the continent is trying to catch up with some things, but stuff keeps changing. Today, there are several innovative companies that emerged from Africa and are doing beautifully well in different spheres.

In this article, we are focusing on the healthcare sector. You know, this particular sector is a very fundamental one which should be given tons of attention, for different important reasons. We know that health is pivotal, as several other important things are attached to it. It is a healthy person that can easily carry out productive things. And of course, we can’t finish talking about this.

So, some smart folks in Africa are floating companies that is focused on promoting and ensuring proper health, and it is pretty nice. These guys are doing a fantastic job, and it is evident that they are serious with what they are doing.

You know, several big companies we see today started from somewhere – usually from the scratch, till they get to where they currently occupied. Those big companies doing great stuff in the health industry also started from somewhere. Today, we are seeing a number of start-ups all over the world doing nice things. Even now, they are utilizing technology to ensure they promote well-being, and it seems to be helping a lot of people.

In Africa, there are several impressive Start-ups in the healthcare sector providing superb solutions with their intelligence. They utilize technology to get going, and it is simply amazing. In this article, we will be seeing some of these startups.

Let’s get started

1. Vezeeta
This startup, which is a digital healthcare booking platform and practice management software, has received a funding of $63.5M, and it is the first one here on the list. This is pretty innovative and impressive too.

2. Helium Health
Helium Health is a superb healthcare start-up in Africa too. It is actually an electronic medical records for Africa’s premier hospitals that has received a funding of $7.2M. This is another innovative one with potentials for expansion.

3. Nawah Scientific
Nawah Scientific is another african healthcare tech start-up. It is a core hub of advanced research facilites offering online and on demand scientific services, and received a funding of $3.3M.

4. Rology
Rology is fourth on the list. It is an AI-assisted on-demand teleradiology platform solving the problem of radiologists shortage and has also received a Funding of $575K. This is another innovative one from Africa

5. DawaSwift
Next on the list is DawaSwift. It is an online marketplace for ordering medicine from the best pharmacies in Kenya, and getting the medicine delivered home and has also received a funding of $300K. This is an impressive one from Kenya, a place that has been supporting tech start-ups to a reasonable extent. We expect more from that region

6. FastRx
FastRx is the sixth here on the list. It is another nice tech start-up in the healthcare sector in Africa. It provides compassionate, comprehensive and personalize care for persons living with hypertension and diabetes. The firm is out to improve the quality of life for persons living with hypertension and diabetes through extensive care, treatment, education and research. They have also received a Funding of $150K. This is also a nice one coming up from Africa.

7. MedsToGo
Now, let’s talk about MedsToGo, which is coming seventh here. This is a is a web and mobile-based pharmacy ordering and delivery service that has received a funding of $250K too.

8. Wellness Smiles Initiative
Wellness Smiles Initiative is another African health Start-up. This initiative was founded to provide health literacy and self care needs to underserved and vulnerable members of society and has also received a funding of $700k. To get such attention, it is obvious that the team is doing a nice job and are creating a reasonable amount of impact, which is very superb.

9. Udok
The ninth on the list is Udok. Here is another innovative start-up made from Africa, doing well in the healthcare sector. They have developed a tele-healthcare system to bring medical care right to the palm of the hands of people. With this initiative, patients can easily log in and talk to a qualified medical practitioner from anywhere to receive care, advice, pharmaceutical prescriptions, remote admissions and more. The start-up has received a funding of €518k, which is pretty impressive too.

10. Dileny Technologies

Then, on the tenth of the list is Dileny Technologies. It has received a funding of $255K which is nice. The start-up provides intelligent tools for women and health professionals including radiologists and physicians working in breast health and breast cancer. Currently, this menace has affected a lot of women and has killed many of them. So, it is quite nice that these guys are trying all they could to proffer a solution

As you should have known, there are several other startups out there in the African Healthcare sector trying to use technology to make things much pleasant. Before leaving, let’s talk about two more:

11. Meduo
So, this startup is actually an E-learning platform that offers many training courses in the medical field with its various specialties. This is pretty reasonable too.

12. Sensible Health
Then, finally on this list is Sensible Health. They have been able to develop the first and only integrated ‘sterile’ urine testing device in the market, which completes the ecosystem from a point of care testing to laboratory. So, it is cool to include them too here on the list.

In conclusion, it is quite pleasant that such start-ups as these are coming out of Africa too. It means Africa won’t be left behind in this era, and many Africans will get to have access to better health facilities.

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