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Top 4 Platforms to Teach Online

Top 4 Platforms to Teach Online

Top 4 Platforms to Teach Online
Top 4 Platforms to Teach Online

Are you looking for educational websites to study your favorite courses, or probably you

just want to start your business and have a platform where you may share your own

video classes․ But if you are new here, you need to know why and how to choose

educational platforms?

As statistics show, online learning has become more popular since 2019, and by 2022,

the size of this industry shall amount to a whopping $243 billion. Do you imagine the

famous of the eLearning industry nowadays? 

So why eLearning became so popular, and why to choose this platform at all.

Day by day the demand for online teaching is increasingly growing. I am sure, if you are

reading this article now, you have already realized the importance of online teaching.

Just know that you are on the right path! 

Here are eLearning platforms you can use for coming up with online courses and relying

on the e-teaching industry.


Udemy is the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction by connecting

students worldwide. It helps individuals reach their purposes and pursue their goals and

has many content creation tools such as PDF documents, PowerPoint, etc. By the way,

this website can be used by instructors for free. However, Udemy makes big money by

taking 50% per sale of your course. Probably you will not think, but Udemy has more

than 12 million students.

#2 Uteach

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Just because e-learning is a part of our life,  Uteach is here to change the quality,

opportunities, and role of online education in real life. Professionals of the team of

Uteach provide everybody with an opportunity to create a professional online school

within minutes. Thanks to this platform, you get a chance to:

  1. Have a professional website, choose design and domain
  2. Upload video lessons, share your knowledge and experience
  3. Earn money, sell online lessons and webinars
  4. Organize an exam
  5. Check knowledge through quizzes
  6. To award certificate
  7. Give certificates to all who successfully pass the quiz

Uteach is also a great place to read about different topics and explore the digital world.

It is surprising but thanks to their team you can read a really interesting and informative

blog. Besides, the pricing system is also very flexible. You’ll find a perfect plan for your


#3 Teachable

Teachable is an online platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses. No

tech experience required. Today, Teachable has more than 3 million students, 7500

instructors, and 20000 courses. The numbers are getting bigger and better. Instructors

should pay a monthly fee to access this platform. Join instructors who have made over

$338m in sales. And I almost forgot to tell, that every Teachable plan includes unlimited

video and course content bandwidth. So you have the opportunity to upload as many

courses, videos, PDFs, etc. as you like.

#4 Skillshare

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Guys, you probably do not imagine the worth of this website. You will bless me after

checking this info. Students just pay $19 each month for access to unlimited premium

class on this website. This means you have no control over your course pricing. Do you

imagine how many courses you can watch every month just for $19? Start right now

with 14 days of free Skillshare Premium.

Yes, there are many reasons to study online. General explanations are convenience and

accessibility, scheduling, flexibleness, and expedited courses. These allow students to

finish their studies earlier than they could. Distance training gives learners the

possibility to continue in their occupations and personal responsibilities while getting

their degrees, while traditional education doesn't give us this opportunity.


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