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Social Club VR – will we see more Casino VR Games in the Future?

Social Club VR – will we see more Casino VR Games in the Future?

 Social Club VR is the culmination of a lot of hard work from Perilous Orbit, a Seattle based VR game developer. Coming hot on the heels of its previous release, Sports Bar VR, this latest title takes everything the company learned from that game and raises it to the next level.


Social Club VR - will we see more Casino VR Games
Social Club VR – will we see more Casino VR Games

That is important, because top online casinos like Casumo already offer all the quality gaming players could want. They know that every Casumo review will focus on the range and standard of games and that they need to deliver to get a good rating. However, standard online casinos still lag a bit when it comes to providing a fully immersive experience. We’ve gone over just how well Social Club VR does at creating an immersive online casino. Keep reading to learn more.

Games on Offer

 There’s a wide range of games available to players at Social Club VR, including all of the classic table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker. What really elevates Social Club VR though is how its virtual reality tech enables players to soak up all the atmosphere and drama of playing these games in a casino. Location based VR games are sure to be the next big thing in the world of gaming, so it’s impressive that Social Club VR has managed to be one of the first fully immersive online casino experiences.

It’s not just traditional casino games that can be played here either, as Perilous Orbit has made sure to offer a variety of enjoyable games to players. Some of the sharpshooter titles in the shooting gallery from its previous release are available here, with upgraded features to make them more interesting. On top of that, players can explore classic board games such as Backgammon and Chess. It all adds up to a fantastic array of games.

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In terms of visuals, all of the games are realised to an incredibly high standard. They have full 3D graphics, which is to be expected from a VR title, but they are superbly designed. There are very few jagged edges, which was a given with the previous generation of VR games. Everything is smooth and looks great.

What’s also very impressive is that the animations are just as smooth as the visuals themselves, so players don’t have to worry about jerky movements across the screen when playing. This is a real plus, as jerks and freezes are one of the biggest ways that players are sometimes taken out of the moment and the immersion that VR games are meant to offer.

Solo or Together?

 Social Club VR offers players the option of playing against the AI or of playing against others online, which means that there’s always a game to play, no matter what the time is. Being able to connect with others online is more important than ever, so it’s great that Social Club VR offers the ability to get into a truly VR world online.

Playing against other people definitely makes the games more immersive. This is because, although the AI is well programmed, it’s still not quite on a par with playing against and talking to real people. You can also find your real life friends here, which makes it even more fun. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a compatible VR headset, because Social Club VR can be played on regular screens. It means there are no limits to what can be enjoyed when playing this game.

More Features

 The option of listening to music when gaming can add to the pleasure of playing at a VR casino, but Social Club VR doesn’t have licensed music, so the generic tunes can get a little bit tiresome after a while. Fortunately, Perilous Orbit has an ingenious solution to this problem: integrated YouTube playlists.

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This allows players to link their favourite YouTube playlists to the game which will then play instead of the standard in-game music. It offers players just that little bit extra to make the game a bit more enjoyable. It is features like this that really help Social Club VR to stand out. Perilous Orbit has worked hard to make sure that the game is able to compete against other casino releases that will perhaps offer a more focused online casino experience.

In the Future?

 There’s no doubt that there will be more online casino VR titles hitting the market in the future. It’s expected that the upcoming batch of VR casino games will attempt to take the genre to the next stage of virtual reality. This could include the ability to walk around a real life casino that’s been designed to be a to-scale model.

It will obviously then include the full selection of casino games that players can expect to see here. As the skills of developers continue to improve virtual reality technology, it will be no shock to see VR casino games that give players a complete casino experience from the comfort of their own homes.

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